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Bellevue Home Remodeling

Bellevue home remodeling contractor HTP Builders provides a wide range of services. As a result, you can be certain we have the skills to best accommodate your specific needs.

Do you have a specific plan in mind or are you not sure where to start? Get your in-home consultation to discuss your options.

First of all, we will start by considering your project exceptions because our number one goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Additionally, we will review your goals, schedule, material selection, budget, and design ideas upfront.  Therefore, you will know exactly what you’re getting before you actually pull the trigger.


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A refreshingly accommodating crew

HTP Builders is a Bellevue home remodeling company with a customer-oriented focus. So our goal is to put you at ease during your project. Every step of the way, our dedicated team will be ready to assist.

If blueprints are needed, you will be guided through the layout of your design ideas.  This way we can identify the most feasible approach for your project. However, if required, we can also provide architectural expertise. Further more, you can also opt to conveniently include computer-aided 3D designs and permitting services.

Bellevue Home Remodel

You will have one point of contact from beginning to end during your project. This will promote a streamlined experience. Since we want to ensure the best possible results quality control is a priority.  Your job will be inspected by a qualified manager while it is in progress. Due to this approach, you are sure to get most touch ups completed prior to your final inspection. In addition to skilled craftsmanship, you will be completely satisfied with your results because of the extra attention we provide.

Why move when you can improve?

Getting it done involves a good general contractor

Every year Hanley Wood, LLC publishes a local report which is promoted in the reputable industry trade publication, Remodeling Magazine. Due to the report being based on a survey of Bellevue home remodeling costs it will show you what you can recoup.

The most recent issue of this report promises you won’t be disappointed if moving forward with a remodel. The facts:

  • Attic Bedroom Remodel – 83.9% recouped.
  • Home Office Remodel – 53.3% recouped.
  • Deck Addition 81.8% – 90.3% recouped.

If you cannot find percentages for your project, click one of the project types at the top of this page.


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