How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen

So, how much is it really going to cost to remodel a kitchen in the Seattle / Bellevue area?  Many King County homeowners dream about remodeling their kitchen. This dream can feel daunting because it’s hard to image what it will really cost. Kitchens are the most used room in a home and updates will provide the homeowner with a wide range of benefits. These benefits may include:

  1. An increased property value,
  2. Improved functionality,
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Design Build vs Architect

Design Build vs Design-Bid-Build Your Two Options

Design build and design-bid-build are the two most common types of project delivery systems for home improvements.  Design-bid-build is where an architect handles the complete design stage of the project.  It is common for a homeowner to think they have no choice, but to hire an architectural engineering firm to get their plans.  Unfortunately, this is a costly route to take as it has a tendency to lead for other issues.  The challenges ...

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What Most Contractors Don’t Want You to Know – You’ll Pay 20-40% MORE than the Free Estimate Quoted

Free Estimate


(frē – ĕs′tə-māt′)

tr.v. es·ti·mat·ed, es·ti·mat·ing, es·ti·mates

  1. To calculate approximately (the amount, extent, magnitude, position, or value of a project).  Written and  provided without cost to a consumer of services.

There are an average of 450 – 550 ‘’contractors’’ simultaneously operating in each city within the boundaries of King County at any given time.  What is worse, you can find over 5,100 listings related to remodeling contractors near Bellevue on alone.  Furthermore, there is no single standard in which contractors approach ...

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Rainy Season Ready? 7 Tips to Prepare

Prepare yourself, the rain is coming.  For the most part we have been enjoying the sun in Seattle lately, but glance out the window or step foot outside and you’ll see the weather forecasts are correct this time.  The rainy season is obviously here and it is really the weather you need to prepare for.  This is because you will likely be spending most of your time indoors. There’s nothing as irritating as running around outside fixing things while you ...

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The #1 Way to Get the Most Back on Your Remodeling Budget

Get the most out of your remodeling budget by going green

You need to update your home every so often, but of course you need to increase your home’s resale and appraisal value at the same time.  For many homeowners, the hard part is keeping to their remodeling budget while getting the most out of it.  What if you could easily do that and maximize the return on your investment?  Read on to learn the number one way to get the ...

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9 Top Home Improvements Yield the Greatest Percent Return

This list of top home improvements can help you prioritize your summer projects.  Homeowner’s know that now is the ideal time to knock some of those annual home maintenance items off their to-do list.  Rightfully so, it is good to take advantage of our long, dry Pacific Northwest summer days.  However, if you are considering upgrades it is a good idea to increase the value of your home at the same time.

Recent reports indicate that residential construction spending ...

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Homeowner’s Guide to Selecting a Contractor

Before your home improvements, consider this.

The Homeowner’s Guide, is there a need for it?  At some time or another, everyone has heard one of those contractor horror stories.  Personally, we have been on the other side of those nightmares after being hired to ”clean up the mess.”

If you are getting ready to have some improvements done on your home, you need to remember, once a contract is signed you are basically married to your contractor until the project is ...

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Top 7 Tricks Bellevue Remodeling Firms Tried to Cut Corners

Don’t let your next home improvement lead to cut corners

Looking for a Bellevue remodeling company for work on your home? Worried you won’t get what you pay for or that your contractor will cut corners?

You may experience some hesitation going into this endeavor. This is understandable as any local, inexpensive builders have been caught cutting corners to get jobs done fast and make extra money. Therefore, doing your homework is what really counts. You will NOT be taken advantage ...

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