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That’s right, help is available!  You can actually GET ANSWERS to your building, repair, and home improvement questions from a licensed general contractor.  Start off in the right direction with our recommendations provided at NO COST to you.

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Looking to get an idea of how much your project will cost?

Take advantage of phone and email consultations which will provide you with an initial ballpark price range, so you can begin to establish a realistic budget. Of course this is not an official HTP Builders’ quote since your project would need to be reviewed in great detail before a fixed-price proposal could be presented.  However,  it will give you an idea of the potential investment it will take to accomplish your project.  There is no charge for this service and the high / low pricing presented will be based on similar projects that have been recently completed in your community.

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If you are serious about improving your home we would like you to know that our system is simple (from our client’s perspective).  After three generations of practice we have our process down to a science.

Complex solutions, easy service. It starts with our mantra:

First we listen, then we build. 

We are an easy to reach, responsive contractor with multiple avenues of communication to promote accessibility and an opportunity for us to listen.  Conveniently reach us when you need us and we will handle everything else.

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