Looking for a reliable Kirkland contractor?

HTP Builders has been proudly operating as a Kirkland contractor for years and we will consider it a pleasure to serve you. Many local homeowners really like this town and it is a great city for investing in your home.

We personally love being considered a reliable Kirkland contractor because we love this city. It is located on the waterfront of Lake Washington. Kirkland is beautiful and full of things to do like waterfront parks, art galleries, and an expansive nightlife.

This community really does have something for everyone, so if you are considering updating a home in the area it will definitely be worth the investment. Keeping a sense of community is important and one way you can help do that is to buy locally.

Buying locally really is great for the local economy because it will:

  • Keep revenue within the community
  • Reserve the uniqueness of the area
  • Allow consumers to control in whom they invest their money

Kirkland Contractor

You can help continue this support by partnering with local businesses like HTP Builders. We are a family company backed by three generations of experience. More importantly, we are dedicated to providing clients like you with contracting services with less hassle.

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A reliable Kirkland contractor

A long line of happy clients are saying things like:

  • HTP Builders just remodeled my kitchen and bathroom. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of their work and the fact that
    they got it done within budget.

  • I use HTP Builders every time I need a handyman. I feel safe with them in my home and they always have a friendly attitude.

  • I just leased a space to open my small business, but it needed improvements fast. I got in touch with HTP Builders and they literally took care of everything.

  • We were ready to build our dream home, but not sure how to start. We got a consultation from HTP Builders and ended up using them throughout the entire project.

HTP Builders is committed to delivering high-caliber transformations and being the most client-oriented firm in the area. This means that you won’t be disappointed with your smooth project experience.