HTP Builders, a “only good surprises” Seattle general contractor

We at HTP Builders know how much living in the beautiful Seattle area means to you because we live here too!  So we want to make keeping your home fresh and functional easy and affordable.  As a premier Seattle general contractor specializing in residential home remodeling, our focus is on helping our neighbors — this means you.

HTP’s promises: no surprises, no regrets
Taking on a home remodeling project is a big commitment and the end results should be increased contentment with your home.  For your peace of mind, our service model includes several safeguards to guarantee we deliver on your dream home improvement project and our promises.

Seattle General Contractor Home Remodeling

We strongly believe in the quality of our services, so we document these promises in writing.  This will ensure that you know exactally what you are getting upfront.  Moreover, our unique approach to project planning and home improvements is systematic.  What does that mean for you?  You will get:

  • Detailed design and project plans which will include a written project schedule to avoid any stop-and-start scheduling issues
  • A fixed-price project agreement and careful budget monitoring
  • Seasoned on-site management to ensure our service and quality guidelines are met and rework is avoided.

HTP Builders’ remodeling delivery approach defined:

Meticulous ([adjective] me·tic·u·lous  –  \mə-ˈti-kyə-ləs\)

Very careful about doing something in an extremely accurate and exact way.

Let’s face it: Construction can be a messy business, but with HTP Builders’ meticulous approach the impact on your life and Seattle home will be minimized.

Seattle General Contractor







This will be accomplished by:

  • Approaching and executing your project in a very methodical way
  • Employing dust mitigation to absorb 90% of the particulates
  • Adhering to daily clean-up checklists
  • Using technologically advanced methods and materials

HTP Builders has Seattle homeowners talking.  However, you don’t have to take our word for it. We have worked with many clients who are willing to put their names alongside ours to vouch for the quality of our services and our commitment to our clients.