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2018 Bathroom Remodel Trends

Trendy, practical upgrades for your bathroom

The bathroom remodel trends for this year focus on comfort and space. The bathroom is the one area where you can pause and relax or get motivated for a new day. Pamper yourself with these great new ideas that designers are pushing in 2018.

The top bathroom remodel trends

These beautiful touches should not go overlooked if you are thinking about an upcoming facelift for one of the most used rooms in your home.  Read on to learn more about what’s hot in the industry when it comes to updating your bathroom.

Lighting that Soothes or Directs

Bathroom lights are a critical part of the 2018 bathroom remodel trends. Everything from subtle floor lighting to direct lighting can set any wanted mood. The overall general lighting has also been updated to include dazzling light fixtures. For example, instead of simple mirror sconces that provide light above the basin, think bold.

A chandelier that floats above the sink area can add grace and beauty. Built-in mirror lighting with dimming capabilities allow total control of high or low lighting. This feature can either tone down the stress of the day or help you to prepare for that special event. Use wide flat mirrors to catch your image at all angles. Not only will mirrors provide a reassuring feel, but they will also make your bathroom appear larger.

Bringing Nature Inside

Color and natural materials replace the sanitary white in the 2018 bathroom remodel trends. Blues, greens or browns can add an organic symbolism to a space. Natural stone and raw wood complete the feeling of being a part of the universe. Select a contractor that has experience in green remodeling and you will reap all the benefits of natural living.

A few suggestions for replacing that commercialized tone with a more earth-friendly feel can include:

Granite Lined Showers

  • Glass or Clay Vanity Bowls
  • Free Standing Tubs
  • Wooden Wall Displays or Shelves

By investing in green remodeling, your health has no choice but to improve. By removing dangerous VOCs and dangerous chemicals from your indoor space, you will suddenly feel more alive and be able to breathe cleaner air.

Modernize with hi-tech features

High tech options are a big feature in the bathroom remodel trends this year. Phone apps that control temperature and lights, touch mirrors and high tech shower jets are a few of the amazing comfort features that are now available in modern bathrooms. It takes a professional home improvement company to know the latest in comfort, style and high-tech features for 2018. High Tech Pacific Builders, of Bellevue, Washington, is one such company.

Bathroom remodeling specialists

The complete package

It is not often that you can find an entire remodeling package of professional designers and construction crews that have 30 years of experience. More importantly, quality control and an unheard of 5-year warranty on craftsmanship. Always moving ahead by learning the latest in Eco-friendly materials and trends, HPB has an impeccable reputation for quality work.

One of HPBs specialty fields is bathroom remodels. The process begins with a consultation. With knowledge of the trends of today, this company can prepare you to be on the cutting edge of how bathrooms have evolved and exactly what is available to you. Some of these ideas include:

  • Custom Lighting
  • Tile and Stone Transformations
  • Trendy fixture and Faucet Upgrades
  • Luxurious Tubs and Showers

This can be a lot for a customer to take in on an initial visit, but HPB has the experience to guide you into what will work best for you. Customer service is a high priority and the client is always included in the remodeling process. There will be no surprise change in deadlines, no additional unforeseen costs, and no questions left unanswered when you put your trust in HTP Builders.

For more information on this creative team that can offer much more than their competitors, visit their website or give HPB a call at 425-518-5855 to set up your consultation on how to improve your bathroom experience and to gain a huge return on your investment.

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