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Top 2019 Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Top 2019 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are you looking for exiting, new ideas for your bathroom remodel? Every year brings on new styles and ideas in bathroom renovation. In 2019 there are many emerging trends, but a few that stick out form the bunch. The top five 2019 bathroom renovation ideas can be incorporated in big or small ways into your own bathroom remodel. Giving it a distinct, modern feel.

Top 2019 Bathroom Renovation

Bigger Bathrooms

For more and more people bathroom spaces are being seen, not as just a place to get cleaned up, but as spaces to relax and unwind. More space is being committed to bathroom areas more than ever. If you can increase the square footage, try going for an open and relaxing space rather than just getting more “stuff” in. However, even if you cannot commit more actual space to your bathroom there are tricks to make your bathroom look and feel bigger like having plenty of mirrors, going for a smaller pedestal sink, and using light colors.

Exposed Hardware

Among the 2019 bathroom renovation ideas, exposed hardware is topping the charts as it is showing up everywhere. This even includes the ”hardware” in sinks and showers.  Exposed, but very cleanly installed plumbing is in. This can give a wonderful industrial look to a renovated bathroom. Another great way to implement this in your own remodel is to source unique hardware. Try bronze or a brushed metal. For more of a wow-factor, you can pair exposed hardware with an industrial style sink. This will create the urban and on-trend look that so many homeowners are going for.

Black Is In

High contrast colors are trending on the list for bathroom renovation ideas right now. Black is making an entrance. This doesn’t mean leaning your entire bathroom toward dark hues. Instead, this trend involves including some nice, contrasting accents. An accent wall, or black trim around mirrors or perhaps a black vanity. There are some great ways to work this hue in to gain maximum impact without overly darkening your bathroom.

Incorporating Tech

As we get more and more used to technology in every aspect of our lives it isn’t a surprise that smart devices and other tech is making its way into the top 2019 bathroom renovation ideas. When it comes to your renovation, there are plenty of ways to incorporate tech into your bathroom. Since there is plenty to choose from, you will have no problem finding what appeals to you personally. Here are some items to consider featuring in your next project: high-tech toilets, voice-activated devices for lighting and temperature control, blue-tooth speaker systems, smart showers, automatic sinks, and so much more.

Asymmetrical Mirrors

On a smaller scale, but still worth of mentioning on our 2019 bathroom renovation ideas list, is the asymmetrical mirror. These mirrors have gained enough popularity to make the cut and they are a simple way to make your bathroom remodel have a more modern look. Asymmetrical mirrors are both eye-catching and fun. They can even make a great centerpiece in a new bathroom and they can end up being something that everyone is sure to notice.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Implementing 2019 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

When it comes to your own bathroom remodel, you can pick and choose any of these top bathroom remodel ideas which work for you. It can also help to have a professional help you to assess your needs and wants.  The experts and High Tech Pacific Builders can definitely help you in this way and can also give you critical information about what certain ideas will cost you. HTPB will be more than happy to step in and help you with your bathroom remodel whenever you are ready to take that next step.

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