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Top 5 2019 Remodeling Ideas

Top 5 2019 Remodeling Ideas

The top 2019 remodeling ideas are in.  We all understand that remodeling isn’t a static concept. What a wow-worthy remodel looks like now and what it did in the 60’s or 70’s is completely different. Every year has its own trends that follow the emerging styles and general mindset of society. Working with unique remodeling ideas can help your remodel stand out and stay modern.

The top five remodeling ideas for the year are already starting to emerge. So for a remodel that is likely to have some uniquely modern flare, try working with these trends:

2019 Remodeling Ideas


Design is not always about appearance.  The most important trends are often ones that relate to how usable a space is. The current trend is toward ease of use over impractical, but stunning features. Some ways this manifests is in features like walk-in showers as opposed to baths, less steps to navigate within the home, appliances that are raised to be accessible without bending, and additional lighting with an increase in natural light.

In your remodel. You don’t have to go all in on accessibility and do things like widen doorways, install raised toilets and stoves, and remove any unnecessary steps. However, you could also keep it simple and still address the trend of accessibility by adding in extra lights or de-cluttering floor space to make movement easier.

Add Color

The palate in design has leaned towards neutral colors and 50 shades of white for a long time. However, for the top 2019 remodeling ideas that basic, bland palate is being replaced. Bright colors are showing up in lots of new places like stoves, refrigerators, cabinetry, carpets, and, of course, accent walls. This current trend toward color over monochrome matching and the traditional white is defining the way many approach new remodeling ideas and designs. Dull really is going out of fashion.

In your remodel. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of bright, vibrant colors, you can utilize this trend by just adding in one or two colorful items to the mix. Even if all you do is avoid white you’ll be working with the trend.

Roomy Master Suites

As people’s lives get busier, there is a growing movement toward master suites as opposed to just bedrooms and separate baths. The most current remodeling ideas trend toward spacious master suites with luxurious attached bathrooms.  The idea behind this is to have an enclosed area to relax.  The modern homeowner simply needs to create a spaces designed around the idea of peaceful relaxation.

In your remodel. Incorporating this one of the top 2019 remodeling ideas is actually quite easy. When remodeling your master bedroom, keep an eye to openness, organization, and storage to eliminate clutter. The idea is not to get more stuff in, but to create a relaxing environment. If possible this also means making sure the master bath is attached to the bedroom rather than being accessible from another area in the home.

Decorative Floors and Walls

Remember how we mentioned that white is out? Well, that is true when it comes to your floors and walls as well. The trend in remodeling ideas is to go for more distinct walls and floors like wood, patterned carpets, wainscoting, and tile floors.

In your remodel. This trend doesn’t mean that you need to change everything. Picking small areas to use more unique floor or wall ideas can go a long way to modernizing without demanding that you redo more than you are comfortable with. Try creating a statement wall in some rooms and wood flooring in another.

No More Stainless Steel

Believe it or not, stainless steel is out. There is a shifting trend that is moving toward either muted metals or in the case of large appliances, color. Either way, this means that using stainless steel or other shiny metals may date your remodeling project over the next couple years.

In your remodel.  The fun thing about a change like this is that it opens the door to letting your personality shine. Try something new that fits you. Wood hardware or brushed metals of fun colors can be interesting choices. The best part is, you can choose something distinct that goes with your personal style.

Top 5 2019 Remodel

Your 2019 Remodel

To make sure your remodel stays modern for years to come, try incorporating these trends into this year’s home improvement projects. Whether you decide to use a lot of inspiration from the top 2019 remodeling ideas or just take a few pointers, you can really add to that wow factor. At HTP Builders, we would be happy to help you implement your unique remodeling ideas to renovate your home in a way that fits your budget and personality.  Keep in mind that HTPB home remodeling specialists are just a phone call away when you need us.

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