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How to Add Natural Lighting to Your Home

Add natural light to home

The new year is here and 2019 is off to a cold a dark wintry start in the Pacific Northwest. Is your home feeling a bit gloomy right about now?

Rather than adding a bunch of light fixtures, consider working with natural light to bring cheer to your home. Studies show that if you add natural lighting to your home, it will naturally improve your mood.  Sunlight provides vitamin D, helps your complexion, improves digestion, and it actually reduces the harmful bacteria that grows in your home! Plus, it is simply the greener way to go and it is way more cost effective in the long run as well.

Many of us spend a lot of time indoors, so it has become increasingly important to add natural lighting to our homes. You may think it might be more difficult to add natural lighting to your space, but it really is an easy process.

Adding Natural light

Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a popular option to add natural lighting to your home.  Beyond the standard patio door, consider adding doors with glass panels in other places of your home to provide even more natural lighting.

New Windows

Your windows may actually be working against you in allowing natural light into your home. Windows are often coated to keep the light you want out. Replacing your windows and being sure that the new ones do not have any Low-E coating will help to allow the wanted natural lighting into your home.

In addition to replacing the windows you have, you can consider adding new ones to your home.  New skylights and solar tubes or replacing wall space with glass blocks or thick tempered glass are also viable options for many homeowners. Some solutions are simple and others are more involved, but you can find the right balance to add natural lighting in a way that makes sense for you.


Sometimes it doesn’t take new sources of light to allow natural light into your home.  Just changing a few small things in how you have decorated can help as well.

Look at your curtains. While heavy curtains can be good for some things, if you have heavy curtains over your windows it will block the natural flow of light. Try pulling back those light-blocking blinds and adding in some lighter curtains to allow natural lighting into your home.

Paint color can also make a huge difference when you are trying to add natural lighting in. Darker paint colors absorb light and make a room feel gloomy. Go with lighter, more reflective colors to allow the light you already have to really brighten a room.

How to add natural light.

Add Natural Lighting the Easy Way

Whatever you choose to do to add natural lighting to your home by using DIY options or you want to hire a professional, create a lighting plan first.  This way you can provide yourself with the time you need to think through all your options before jumping into anything. Set your budget, make your choices wisely, and then jump right in.

Remember, if you need some assistance, we are just a phone call away.  Let us know if you need some guidance or ideas for your lighting project.  HTPB’s home improvement experts are always here to help.

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Ken Reusser

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