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Add More Space With Your Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors!

Add More Space With Your Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors

Most of us have, at one point or another, looked at our homes and thought, “I have too much stuff.” This often leads us to filling up boxes full of old items to put into storage and filling up garbage bags with clothes to take to the nearest Goodwill. Yet, a few months later, we look around again and think, “Where did all this stuff come from?!”

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. For some reason, we can clear out all of our clutter only to have the same problem a month later. We hear this constantly from people who come to our general contractors trying to figure out how to possibly add more space to their homes.

Today, your home improvement contractors want to take a moment to offer up some ways to create more usable space in your home, and how our design-build firm can make it happen.

Ways Your Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors Can Add More Usable Space

  1. Finish A Basement Or Attic: Sure, homeowners store items in their basements and attics that are unfinished, but that doesn’t mean that space is being used to its fullest potential. The home renovation contractors at HTP Builders specialize in finishing basements and use special state-of-the-art practices to create the most amount of headspace so the basement feels truly open. After this is done, you can move items down there that you want to have access to, but that you don’t necessarily use every day such as books, game consoles, a ping pong table, or a treadmill.
  2. Change Up The Floor Plan: Perhaps your home feels cramped and cluttered because it is cramped and cluttered. If your home is full of doors and hallways, of course, it’s going to seem cluttered. The home improvement contractors at HTP Builders can rearrange your home in a way that flows better and creates a more visually open space. Not only will this help you to enjoy your home more, but as we talked about last week, homebuyers love open floor plans and it can add a lot of value to your home.
  3. Add A Home Addition: This is probably the most obvious. If you don’t have enough space in your home, just add an extra room to the back! Of course, this sounds a lot easier than it is and adding a home addition is a huge investment. But it is just that, an investment. You can enjoy your time in your home more without feeling cramped, and when you’re ready to sell you can boast that you have one more bedroom than you bought the home with. Adding a home addition is an especially good improvement to consider if you find yourself feeling cramped in your home due to the number of people, not just the amount of stuff.
  4. Utilize Built-In Storage: If basement finishing or adding a home addition is out of your budget, no problem. Our skilled general contractors can design and build built-in storage options. Maybe your problem is that your home feels cluttered because everything is out in the open on shelves and counters. Perhaps just finding a way to hide your belongings while still keeping them accessible would be enough to make your home feel less cluttered. With the help of a Bellevue general contractor or local handyman, you can install bigger cabinets or a pantry in your kitchen, create a cabinet system that runs down a wide hallway, or design a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage and entertainment system crossover to house your TV, video game consoles, board games, movies, and the like.

Add More Space To Your Seattle-Area Home

High Tech Pacific Builders are not your average general contractors. We are a design-build firm, meaning if you need some serious design elements to go into making your home have more usable space, we have designers who work directly with our builders and can make it happen. This cuts out the “middleman” position of an architect and allows you work with just one Bellevue home improvement contractor all the way through the process.

To find out what else we can do to help you solve your storage problems, get in touch with us! We are experts at home renovation, remodeling, and improvement and would love to help you get the home of your dreams that works for you and your family. Call your Bellevue home improvement contractors today!

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Ken Reusser

Ken Reusser

After taking the reins as part owner and project supervisor for HTP Builders in 2011, Ken began to use his extensive industry knowledge to meet the needs of each individual he works with. He is a certified journeyman carpenter with over 19 years of experience and holds a number of crucial industry certifications.

Ken Reusser’s philosophy is simple: Your project is as much about partnership as it is craftsmanship.