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What Homeowners Should Do After a Remodel

What Homeowners Should Do After a Remodel

Once you’ve completed a remodel, the prospect of your home’s new features can be very exciting. However, there are a few steps that are important to take after a remodel to ensure that nothing goes wrong down the line and that you get the most value from your remodel.

Homeowners might wonder if there is anything specific they need to do once remodeling is complete? The answer is yes. But it isn’t anything to worry about. The process after a remodel doesn’t have to be difficult, there are a simple series of steps that you can take.

Checklist for after a remodel:

Walk through

When your remodel is finished, don’t just take it on faith that everything will be exactly as desired. Double-check that everything is done by walking through the remodeled area with the remodeler and looking for issues. This means anything that may not be exactly as requested or anything that they identify as needing to be improved. Remodelers will expect to do this after a remodel, so it won’t be something that you spring on them. The post-production phase is important, see what HTPB can do for you.

Consider insurance

Make sure that you contact your home owner’s insurance agent after a remodel. You’ll want to know if you need to adjust your policy’s limits. This is especially important if you’ve added a substantial amount to the value of your home.

Clean up

Remodeling is dirty work. To get proper use of your new space, wipe down, pick up and rearrange before moving your things back into the space. You’ll want to get rid of all the construction dirt so it won’t dirty your brand new area as you try to use it after a remodel. Go through some cleaning steps like vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning fans (if any), wiping down vents, and dusting.

Settle into your space

Just as important as the more technical aspects of what you need to do after a remodel is remembering to enjoy and celebrate your new space. Take care and consideration when bringing your things back into the newly remodeled (and cleaned) space. You’ve gone through all the trouble of remodeling, so take the extra effort to make sure you set things up in a way that you will enjoy using. Once you are settled in, try throwing a little party to celebrate!

Maintenance checklist

There is ongoing care to consider after a remodel. New features mean new care. Make sure you know how to maintain your remodel so it stays looking wonderful for a long time. Consider how you treat different surfaces. Stone may require period sealing, wood needs special products to clean, air filters need changing. These are all things you can ask your remodeler so you have the information on hand to do the work needed to enjoy your space after a remodel for years to come.

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If you have any further questions about remodeling or how to take care of your space after a remodel, HTPB would be happy to help. You can find out more about our remodeling services. The remodeling process can feel overwhelming, but with the help of experts, you can navigate it safely and come through on the other side with your dream home.

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Ken Reusser

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