Architectural Services

Are you looking for an architect or interior design services for your next project?  HTP Builders offers comprehensive architectural services.  Your design team can help you turn your vision into a completed project.  Your new home, remodel, or addition design experience will be tailored to your specific needs.

As a result, with HTPB Home Design you’ll get the most out of your home design without the hassle.

Some clients say listening is our greatest skill.  That’s how we can promise to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

We will work with you to completely understand your needs, wants, and “in-betweens” to fully grasp all the project related goals you are trying to reach.

This will provide us with the ability to fully customize a design specific to those goals, your budget, timeline, and lifestyle.

A unique approach and cohesive design team

HTPB Home Design and architectural services follow a process that allows clients to see their ideas come to life while maintaining control over the final outcome and the final cost of the project. 

Certified contractor works with youto ensure the best possible outcome for your architectual design.


An unmatched perk, which local architectural firms cannot offer, is our design team includes a certified contractor.

A contractor who will find the most feasible, cost-effective way to approach each individual project.  Then, your contractor will help guide you and the design team during the project development stage for the best, most constructible results for your project.

Therefore, your project design will be more easily built, in less time, right from your final plans.

Your design team will include an award-winning home designer for architectural drafting.  Additional team members will include an interior designer, structural engineer, and our certified general contractor.  Due to the success of this integrated-design approach, the builder-guided process has become the preferred project delivery method in the residential construction industry.

It is all too common for homeowners who hire a solo architect to receive, a higher-than-expected, contractor price quote based on their finalized plans.  After making the final payment for their architectural services, they are surprised to find out their drawings include a design that completely busts their budget.  Annually, this reality results in over 50% of the plans completed (using the traditional architect method) actually never lead to a built project.  Unfortunately, these drawings make up a design which homeowners simply cannot afford.  The expensive features and other pricey line items force them to never complete the home improvements they were after.  This is just one reason why the design-build process works.

HTPB Home Design and architecture

High Tech Pacific Builders, LLC is backed by three generations of family-industry experience.  This has resulted in a seamless approach that we have perfected over many years in business.  Our time-tested process will show you why we are considered to be a premier provider of residential architecture and construction.

HTPB Home Design can provide:

  • Architectural plans and design
  • New home architecture
  • Entire house remodels and additions
  • Home improvement projects
  • Interior design and color, 3D renovation design
  • Master suites, in-law suites, and more
  • Bath, kitchen, and basement remodeling

This full range of architectural services offers everything you need for your project from one, family-oriented home designer.  From the project development stage, all the way through your entire construction project, HTP Builders will be there to guide you every step of the way.

All-inclusive service packages

Previous clients say they love how we tailor each project to meet their specific needs and we are sure you will appreciate this as well.  Whether you are interested in a comprehensive permit-ready plan set or just are looking for a basic project plan, your design package will be completely personalized.  Moreover, this is how we will meet your specific and unique goals to design a space best suited for your personality and taste.

Architectural Services

In addition to our standard architectural services, we are capable of walking you through each stage of the development process which may include:

  • Program development and schematic design
  • Design development
  • Budgetary considerations
  • Material and product selection
  • Construction drawings and detailed specifications.

Project feasibility review

Get the guidance you need to get through the entire design process with HTPB Home Design.  You can even get real help from the early conceptual stage of your project.  Some projects are very straight forward and will not require a feasibly review.  However, if there is any question as to what the city allows, you won’t want to skip this step.

This review will provide you with very pertinent information.  Your assessment will include the information you need to verify that your project can be be built the way you want it.  If you are unsure about any city requirements, this assessment is for you.  Some times jumping right into preliminary drawings may simply not be practical.

At HTP Builders, we would never let our clients invest in any design work if their project is not going to be approved.  Therefore, we may insist that we begin with reviewing local regulations with the building department covering your jurisdiction.

This assessment may include:

  • Site analysis and site plan assessment
  • Project consulting
  • Variance and zoning issues
  • Construction drawings
  • Permit expediting.

A premier provider of residential design

As a premier designer for residential clients, HTPB Home Design offers an easy way to get a beautifully designed project.

If you are looking for a local designer for an upcoming project, contact us to schedule a complimentary Project Discovery Consultation Call.  This meeting will help us learn exactly what you are trying to achieve.  That way we can perfectly match our services with your needs.  Our architectural services are not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  This means we will only recommend the design package that makes the most sense for you and your project.

If you’re ready to get your project in motion, take the first step in the right direction and complete our online consultation request form.