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Must Haves for Your Basement Movie Theater

Awesome Basement Theater

Want a fabulous room for entertaining? A basement movie theater is both a fun and useful option that is sure to impress visitors and occupants alike. To make the most of this space, you’ll need more than just a large flat screen and some great movies. Decor and functionality go hand in hand in making a basement movie theater a one-of-a-kind enjoyable space.

Basement Movie Theater

Necessities that Ensure Movie Magic

You don’t have to be a big-time movie critic to love a brief “getaway” from reality that every movie goer enjoys.  No doubt, any real movie lover would enjoy escaping to their basement if it was complete with a fully loaded, in-home theater.  If this is your dream home improvement project, consider the following necessities that can definitely add to the movie magic.

1. Projector / TV Options

A big choice when setting up a basement movie theater is whether to use a projector or a flat screen. Both have perks.

The Projector: Projectors offer a more authentic movie theater experience and can provide screens of far larger size. However, the bulbs need to be frequently replaced and if your space is bright, they can become hard to see.

Flat screens: Getting a large TV will give you a clearer and brighter picture with less effort. They can be more expensive than an equivalent projector and won’t give as authentic a feel.

2. Sound Options

Don’t forget to factor in sound. You don’t want to disturb the whole neighborhood, but you need a clear, crisp sound that can fully immerse you in your movies. Sound system options are plentiful and you can find the right fit for you budget and room. From sound bars to complete surround sound systems, there are many options to choose from.  At the same time, if you are the type of movie watcher who likes to crank up the decibels, consider sound proofing your basement during construction to allow for optimal volume that won’t negatively impact others in your home.

3. Lighting Options

While needing to light your basement is a must, lighting a basement movie theater can be an art form. A great perk to note is that movie theaters are typically not brightly lit, so dim basements work perfectly.

Track lighting: Lining the floor or ceiling by adding a few track lights can help avoid accidents and can add an authentic movie theater feel.

Wall sconces: Wall sconces are a good choice for a basement movie theater because they don’t add a lot of glare to that expensive screen which could seriously detract from the movie.

Dimmable: Whatever lighting you use, installing dimmers can make the lighting both more on theme and more usable.  Consider smart-dimmable lights if you would like to control your dimmers with a remote or your cell phone.  That can provide a nice hi-tech touch to your new theater.

Home Theater

4. Popcorn Stands

One of the best perks of going out to a night at the movies can be visiting the snack stand. So, why is this experience reserved for trips to a public theater?  Adding a popcorn stand to your basement movie theater can make movie night an exciting experience. These can be purchased in the form of carts or built in in the form of a bar (speaking of bar… that sounds like an awesome idea for a feature of an in-home theater). Even if you don’t go for a full popcorn stand, a glass popcorn machine can go a long way. Then, all you have to do is buy unpopped kernels and watch the magic happen!

5. Specialty Seating Options

For an authentic movie theater feel, you can go above and beyond just providing a couch and some beanbag chairs. There are some amazing options to really make your basement movie theater feel like the real thing.

Home theater recliners: There are special recliners that link together to form a row. This allows you to have the comfort of home while pulling in the atmosphere of a actual movie theater.

Tiered seating: When designing your basement or purchasing chairs, consider putting in rows for a more theater-like feel. This can mean having a multiple level basement floor built in.  Tiered seating will really ensure everyone has a good, unobstructed view of the flick.

Basement Remodeling Specialists

For the average movie buff, all of this may sound like too much to handle.  If this is the case, you don’t have to let your dream basement go. Professional help can remove most of the stress and worry that can come along with any home improvement project.  It can also ensure you can get the most out of your money. The basement remodeling specialists at HTP Builders would be happy to help whenever you decide to take your dream to the next step.

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