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Time for a bathroom upgrade? Top 5 signs

Top 5 ways to tell it’s time for a bathroom upgrade?

You are going to spend time in your bathroom every day. Therefore, you need to ensure that it is well kept. From the lighting to the walls, everything needs to be in good condition.  Otherwise, you may find yourself hating to go to the bathroom. Most homeowners, however, are not able to easily see whether or not it’s time for a bathroom upgrade. Here are the top 5 signs to look for that will tell you if your bathroom needs to be remodeled.

1. Leaks

Poor plumbing or faulty seals can cause leaks. Brown stains on the bathroom ceiling are signs of leaks. Also, if you notice a lot of unwanted water in your bathtub, it means it is leaking and you need to take a fast action to fix it. Leaks can damage your floor not to mention can lead to mold growing in your bathroom. Always check your walls, ceiling and bathtubs for any unwanted moisture.

Top 5 Ways to Know You Need a Bathroom Upgrade

2. Poor Lighting and Ventilation

All great bathrooms are well lit. If you are struggling to see yourself in the mirror because of the dim light, then it’s time that you upgrade the lighting in your room. By changing the bulbs or incorporating modern light fixtures, you can give your bathroom the beauty it once had. But if you are a lover of natural light you can consider replacing small windows with larger ones. Ventilation gets rid of unwanted moisture thereby preventing mold. A bathroom fan is an excellent way to ensure ventilation.

3. Peeling Paint

You should repaint your walls once you notice that the color is peeling. Peeling will occur when your walls were not properly primed or if your drywall was not moisture-resistant wall board. Priming helps to prevent watermarks and keep the patching compound from getting humid. Scrape off the peeled paint with a scraper before repainting.

4. Not Enough Storage Space

If you are always struggling with where you can store things in your bathroom that is an indication that it needs an upgrade. Either it needs shelves or it is in need of expansion.

Enjoy a New Bathroom 

5. Stained Sinks and Tiles

Stains are signs that your bathroom needs remodeling. Stains in the sinks, bathtub, or on tiles will cause your bathroom not to be presentable.  The primary cause of stains on these surfaces in a restroom is hard water.  Hard water, or water with a high mineral content, is normal in the greater Seattle area.  It can contain limestone, calcium, and magnesium carbonates.  If you have tried removing the stains without succeeding then perhaps you might consider buying a new sink or fixing new tiles to give your bathroom an inviting look.

Bathroom remodeling pros

A bathroom is of importance to all homes.  Especially since they are one of the most used rooms in any house.  Therefore, be on the lookout to ensure that it is always in the right condition. Minor upkeep will go a long way and if you are thinking of a bathroom upgrade, you don’t need to change the entire bathroom to create an appealing look.  Instead concentrate on the areas that need remodeling.


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