Major home remodeling – Bellevue, WA

Are you looking to make major changes on your home?

If you are thinking along the lines of a whole-house remodel, Bellevue home remodeling contractor, High Tech Pacific Builders, provides a wide range of services for your convenience.

If you are looking for a major home remodel or anything in between we can help.

Your project will be in good hands as the HTPB team is highly trained in all areas of residential remodeling and construction. 

Whether you have a specific plan in mind or you are not sure where to start, we are the general contractor that can help you. 

Request your in-home consultation to discuss your options with a home remodeling specialist.

We will start our “You-First Process” off by considering your expectations for your home improvement project.

This will allow us to perfectly match our services with your needs as our number one goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

From a bathroom remodel to adding square footage, HTP Builders is the firm that can get the job done right.

Additionally, we will review your goals, schedule, material selection, budget, and design ideas upfront.  Throughout the entire home remodeling process you will know exactly what you’re getting before you actually pull the trigger.

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A refreshing accommodating crew

HTP Builders is a Bellevue home remodeling company with a customer-oriented focus.  Our goal is to put you at ease during your home renovation project.  Every step of the way, our dedicated team will be ready to assist.

Bellevue Home Remodel

If blueprints are needed, you will be guided through the layout of your design ideas. 

This way we can identify the most feasible approach for your project.

As a full-service construction company, we can also provide architectural expertise when needed. 

You can even conveniently opt to include computer-aided 3D renderings of your design and we also offer permitting services.

You will have one point of contact from beginning to end during your home renovation project, promoting a streamlined experience.  Additionally, we want you to be ecstatic with your finished project.  That is why we use HTPB’s Quality Assurance Checklists and keep quality control is a priority.  This ensures you get the best possible project results.

Furthermore, the qualified lead we assign to your project will inspect it while it is in progress.  Due to our proactive approach, you are sure to get an experience where the general contractor runs into less issues and quality control problems.  Most touch-ups are even completed prior to your personal final inspection, so you will be happy with the end results. In addition to this skilled and detailed craftsmanship, you will be completely satisfied with the extra attention our crew will give you.  Click to learn more.

Getting through a home remodeling project

Our experience tells us that getting started on a home remodeling project can be seriously intimidating for most homeowners.  To alleviate some of the anxiety this may cause, it is recommended you get ”in-the-know.”

It has been said that if you know what’s coming, you can prepare for it.  That is why many homeowners have questions about the remodeling process.  Since this is the case, HTPB found a way to help provide you with expert advice and information that can assist you with getting ready to move forward with your home remodel.

The Remodeling Process

High Tech Pacific Builders has become known as a resource in the community as we want to provide reliable answers that will help you regardless of whether or not we end up working together.

As a result, we have created:

The Remodeling Process: A Step by Step Guide

The sole purpose of this homeowner handbook is to help you navigate your upcoming home remodeling project.

The reliable, industry-recommended information contained in this Ebook details all the steps in planning and working through a remodel.

Our team has even included a number of pro tips and insider secrets to ensure you are prepared.

We sincerely hope this step-by-step guide will help you to make sense of the remodeling process no matter who you decide is the right contractor for you.

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Why move when you can improve?

Would you like to know more about how much of the cost of your project can be recouped?

Every year Hanley Wood, LLC publishes a local report which is promoted in the reputable industry trade publication, Remodeling Magazine.

Getting it done involves a good general contractor

Due to the report being based on a survey of Bellevue home remodeling costs it will show you what you can recoup.

The most recent issue of this report promises you won’t be disappointed if moving forward with a home remodel. The facts:

  • Attic Bedroom Remodel – 83.9% recouped.
  • Home Office Remodel – 53.3% recouped.
  • Deck Addition 81.8% – 90.3% recouped.

If you cannot find percentages for your project, click one of the project types at the top of this page.


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