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Guide to Finding a Bellevue Remodeling Contractor

Looking for a Bellevue Remodeling Contractor?

Why There is a Need for a Guide?  The right Bellevue remodeling contractor might seem hard to find since there are thousands registered in the community. This doesn’t even include the influx of unlicensed ”contractors” in the area.  For homeowners seeking remodeling services in the area this poses a serious problem. An extremely large portion of contractors are flocking to advertise in the area.  For example, you can find over 5,100 listings related to Bellevue remodeling contractors near Bellevue, WA on  This makes selecting a remodeler a big decision for local residents and it needs to be well thought out.

With such a revolving door of an industry it can be hard to search through the masses for that one company that stands out in the crowd.  It’s true that business ownership can attract just about any tradesman because of the industries ease of entry.  Becoming a Bellevue remodeling contractor seems to be just about the easiest part of the process.  To put this into perspective:

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms 76% of these firms close soon after start-up
  • Only about 20% of contractors that start up this year will be in business in a few years from now
  • Just 1 in 10 contractors ever celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

This creates issues for local homeowners since once your contractor is out of business your warranty and other guarantees are out the window.  Not to mention this failure rate demonstrates the type of individuals that construction business ownership attracts.

The Bellevue Remodeling Contractor: Free Estimates vs. Interviews

In the book The E Myth, Michael Gerber describes these individuals as tradesmen attempting to scratch their entrepreneurial itch and he was right.  The US Labor Bureau confirms failure is due to a contractor’s lack of business management, project management, and customer service abilities.  Oddly enough, another leading cause of failure is due to a lack of building competency in general.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely wouldn’t want to trust one of my home improvement project in the hands of one of these types.

The facts don’t lie, so homeowners really need to be discerning and selective when choosing a contractor.  This is also why a homeowners should refrain from hiring a Bellevue remodeling contractor strictly based on price.  Although it is of the utmost importance that your project budget is met, you should really never allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking that cheap means fair and you will receive the same service package moving forward with a lowball company.  In fact, a low bid should actually serve as a red flag and force you to further scrutinize the business.  We all know you get what you pay for and that no one can provide top-notch quality and the best service in town for the lowest price.  Homeowners need to carefully review their options for contracting services and the estimates they receive, but most importantly, interview your prospective contractors!

A Guide for Interviewing and Finding a Bellevue Remodeling Contractor

A guide for interviewing contractors comes in handy because if you are taking the time to try and find a firm asking the right questions is important. This should greatly impact your selection decision as simply comparing estimates doesn’t quite work. The problem is there are no real industry standards for estimating a remodeling project and all contractors offer different levels of service, so thoughtful interview questions are a must as not all Bellevue remodeling contractors are created equal.  Contact us for a free Interviewing Guide.  This is valuable tool that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

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