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Biggest Kitchen Trends Of 2018

Thinking about a kitchen remodel for the new year? If you are unsure what you want your kitchen to look like, following some of these popular kitchen remodel ideas can definitely help with inspiration. While you want to keep in mind the cost of a kitchen remodel, getting in early on upcoming kitchen trends is an exciting endeavor – and we can help you stay within budget. As your premier home improvement contractors in Bellevue, Washington, we take it upon ourselves to stay up to date on the latest kitchen trends and offer our expertise to help get your home improvement project done right. Contact us today for a free consultation and get your Bellevue Kitchen remodel started!

Top Kitchen Trends to Look For In 2018

Two-Toned Cabinets

The results are in – sell your two-toned truck and get on board with dual-toned cabinets. While all-white kitchens have dominated kitchen trends for the last few years, adding more color to your kitchen in 2018 will put you ahead of the game. Whether you do lowers in one color and uppers in another or paint the doors and the borders in different hues, having multi-colored cabinets is going to be big in 2018.

Natural Influences

From unfinished wood to countertops with natural veining to bringing plants into the kitchen, natural influences that move away from the cookie-cutter kitchens is a trend that is here to stay. A great place to incorporate this trend is in your flooring. Matte hardwood or laminate flooring helps to bring the outside in. Or try a reclaimed wood-paneled kitchen island.

Warm Metals

Say goodbye to stainless steel and chrome and bring back the brass and gold. While cool-colored metal hardware and appliances offer a sleek, modern and clean look, trends are moving towards cozy kitchens with natural influences, offering the perfect backdrop for those copper handles.

Painted Cabinets – And We Don’t Mean White

Again, for years the hip kitchen trend was white on white on white. It wasn’t uncommon to walk into a kitchen with white upper and lower cabinets, white quartz countertops, and a white subway tile backsplash. While white kitchens still look great, as do kitchens with natural wood cabinets, people are loving the trend of painting cabinets with colors that are more colorful than you would expect – and we’re not talking about a light grey. In stark contrast to white cabinets, people are opting for green, plum, and navy cabinets to keep their kitchen on trend. Check out this slideshow for some colorful inspiration.

Floating Shelves or Glass Door Cabinets

With the gold hardware and colorful kitchen cabinets suggestions, you might be thinking this blog was written by your grandmother. But Grandma knows best, so we’re throwing another vintage trend in with some glass cabinets and open shelves. If you don’t have fine China or crystal to display, that’s fine. Opt for some frosted glass, or display some minimalist white plates and mugs on floating shelves. For on-trend glass-door cabinets and open shelves, just look closely at the kitchens from the slideshow above.

Hidden Appliances

Yes, we’re telling you to display your plates and bowls but hide your appliances. Appliance “garages” or deep, tall cabinetry is a great place to store the blender and the toaster to keep your countertops looking clean and uncluttered while keeping the appliances easily accessible. Many modern kitchens even have microwaves or toaster ovens built-in and disguised as cabinets or drawers! Talk to the home improvement specialists at HTP Builders if you’re interested in something like this for your kitchen.

Shabby Industrialism

A cross between shabby chic and full-blown industrialism, we’re calling this trend shabby industrialism. This is a way to follow the industrialism trend without making your kitchen feel cold and unwelcoming. Concrete countertops are huge right now, but pairing this with a colorful cabinet or natural wood dining table can keep the space feeling inviting. Or add a metal stove hood to add a bit of industrial flair.

Non-Granite Countertops

We’ve mentioned a few different countertops so far, including quartz and concrete, but haven’t mentioned granite. Granite countertops are awesome for a traditional kitchen and look elegant and clean, but exploring other countertop options is a good idea for an on-trend kitchen. A few other great options are butcherblock countertops, marble, reclaimed wood, or slate.

Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams With HTP Builders

We can help design, plan, and build the kitchen you want within your budget and timeframe. Contact your local Bellevue home improvement contractors today to get started! We serve Bellevue and the surrounding areas.

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