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Cabinets Maximize Kitchen Space

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Maximize kitchen space with your cabinetry

Would you like to maximize kitchen space?  We know most individuals would as many homeowners have a hard time keeping their kitchen organized.  You might need help if you find yourself passing on purchasing new items for your kitchen because you know you just don’t have the storage space? Limited space is a common problem when designing a usable kitchen. Fortunately, there are some great solutions available and you can start by building upon the cabinetry you already have in your kitchen. So don’t be shy! Go ahead and maximize your kitchen space with some amazing and innovative cabinetry ideas.

Cabinet features make it happen

We have all seen those kitchens where things just don’t work. You open the cabinet doors to find an unorganized, cluttered mess. Often times, this is due to the fact that the cabinets themselves were not really designed to properly.  The layout and functionality is just not working with you in order to help you stay organized and store a variety of items in varying sizes and shapes. To maximize kitchen space and get the storage needed, there are some great solutions to help maximize the kitchen space.

Cabinets to maximize kitchen space2

HTPB’s top 7 picks

As kitchen remodeling specialists, we really are good at what we do.  We know what works when it comes to kitchen cabinetry and wanted to fill you in.  So, here are the top five solutions for cabinet options that we recommend.  These features work well for new cabinets and for adding to the functionality of existing cabinetry.

1. Cabinets to the ceiling

Where possible, have your cabinets run all the way up to the ceiling.  This is a great way to add storage in a small kitchen. Though the cabinets at the top and bottom won’t be the most accessible, they are a great place to store items used less often which only need to be retrieved a few times a year.

2. Specialty units

Blind corner pull-outs and similar organizers just make sense.  They will allow you to finally be able to use that space in your cabinets that has never accessible before.  The pull out has been designed specifically for those dead-space corners that have always been out of reach.  These swing-out shelving units are also great for deep shelving areas. 

Blind Corner Pull Out Shelf

This is a perfect solution if you find that items in the back of your cabinets become inaccessible.   Another good idea is the Lazy Susan, which is another way to make good use of a corner. If your kitchen has spaces that seem unusable look into these options to see just how well they actually work.

3. Elevated cabinetry and open shelves

Adding a cabinet or just a shelf over utility items like the sink, the stove, or even above your kitchen window, adds some extra usable space. An open cabinet or shelf is a great way to maximize kitchen space or display decorative items that dress up the look of your kitchen without taking up valuable real estate on the countertop.

Narrow spaced shelves

4. Narrow cabinet shelves

Traditionally, narrow spaces in cabinets go unused.  This is where your cabinet installer would simply install a “filler” panel for a smooth look.  However, it is actually possible to use that space to get the most out of your kitchen.  This is especially important in smaller kitchens where every inch counts.

This narrow shelf unit is a great way to store your spices or those other items like zip locks, trash bags, and plastic wrap.  Or, how about you go with a wider spacing between those shelves?  Now you can a place to house those few extra bottles of wine.

5. Custom sized cabinets

If you want to maximize kitchen space this option really makes sense for unique kitchen layouts.  A custom cabinet will make sure you have the opportunity to make use of all the usable space in your kitchen.  These cabinets can be built to any dimensions and customized to your space for a “perfect-fit” cabinet.

6. Pull-out shelving

Shelf-to-drawer or pull-out shelving can definitely help you to maximize kitchen space.  Rather than having to reaching way into the back of your cabinets or having to unload a whole shelf to get at the one thing you need in the back, you can just pull out the shelf and move on with your life.  Using drawers as opposed to shelves will provide an organized storage option. This can be great to use in conjunction with shelves to create a space for storing smaller items which would either get lost or take up more space than needed in a larger cabinet. Having a good mix of pull out shelves rather than just using fixed shelves will give you a space that is more functional.

7. Pantry pull-outs

Now we know you have heard of pull-out shelving, but what about rotating pantry pull-outs?  This custom cabinetry solution is an awesome way to get the most out of your pantry.

Rotating pantry pull outs

Traditionally, larger pantries have a whole lot of dead space in the center of them with not so deep shelving along the sides.  With this type of cabinet, you can have access to as much space as possible.  No more dead, wasted space with these type of units.

Maximize kitchen space with cabinet “add-ons”

We hope our top 7 cabinet solutions will help you to get the most out of your kitchen.

With today’s cabinet designs and the ease of installation of new features, updating or “adding on” to existing cabinets has never been easier.  Even if your cabinets need a little face lift, they can quickly be refaced for a new look and then any one of these add-on features can be incorporated into your existing kitchen. This will provide you with the style, look, and functionality of a brand new kitchen without the outrageous price tag.  If you are happy with the feel of your current cabinets, you can even install some of these ideas into your kitchen on your own.

Don’t want to go it alone? If you aren’t a big DIY person or you just think a professional eye would help you really maximize your kitchen space, HTP Builders is here to help. Just get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

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