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2019 Bathroom Renovations

Top 2019 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

By Ken Reusser / 03/21/2019 / Comments Off on Top 2019 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are you looking for exiting, new ideas for your bathroom remodel? Every year brings on new styles and ideas in bathroom renovation. In 2019 there are many emerging trends, but a few that stick out form the bunch. The top five 2019 bathroom renovation ideas can be incorporated in big or small ways into your…

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Cost of Bathroom Remodel

The Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

By Ken Reusser / 10/21/2018 / Comments Off on The Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

If you are thinking about remodeling your bath, you probably have a ton of questions.  True, it can be hard to find a practical guide to bathroom remodeling, but without one how can you know what to expect? When looking into any remodel project, cost is usually a major factor. However, you cannot get an…

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Transform Your Tub into a walk-in shower

Transform Your Tub into a Walk-in Shower

By Ken Reusser / 10/14/2018 / Comments Off on Transform Your Tub into a Walk-in Shower

Think walk-in shower when considering bathroom upgrades. Imagine walking into your bathroom to find a clean and elegant walk-in shower where your tub once was. For many of us that is a wonderful vision. A walk-in shower can be a beautiful addition to your home. Converting your tub into a walk-in shower can make your…

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Shower Tiling 101

Shower Tiling 101

By Ken Reusser / 09/23/2018 / Comments Off on Shower Tiling 101

Jumping into a shower tiling project could be just what your bathroom needs.  Adding tile to an existing shower can add class and elegance to any bathroom. This home improvement can change the overall feel of a bathroom, making it more enjoyable to be in. Picking out the proper tile to use, however, can be…

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Adding a bathroom basement

Things to Consider When Adding a Basement Bathroom

By Ken Reusser / 08/31/2018 / Comments Off on Things to Consider When Adding a Basement Bathroom

There are numerous reasons to add a basement bathroom to your existing basement.  For one, extra bathrooms seriously improve the value of your home.  Plus, a bathroom on every floor is convenient for users and a basement bathroom helps to make the space more independent. However, before going ahead and adding this to your upcoming…

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