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Why You Should Use A Professional Interior Decorator

By Ken Reusser / 05/24/2023 / Comments Off on Why You Should Use A Professional Interior Decorator

If you have ever considered hiring an interior decorator to help you transform your home into a personal paradise, then you have probably wondered what makes a professional interior decorator different from a regular interior designer. The main difference is that professional interior decorators have a lot of experience in the field, allowing them to…

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Upcoming 2022 Home Trends

By Ken Reusser / 02/16/2022 / Comments Off on Upcoming 2022 Home Trends

Home trends in 2022 will focus on clever design, spacious areas, and multifunctional rooms.  In the past year, there were major strides when it came to bold colors and patterns. Whether you’re remodeling or building your home from the ground up, you can take advantage of exploring new ideas. Now begins the journey into refining…

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Tips for Your Home Gym

By Ken Reusser / 07/02/2021 / Comments Off on Tips for Your Home Gym

If you enjoy working out and are thinking about new rooms for your house, then a home gym can hold a ton of appeal. It’s a room that will get a lot of use (and can save you on gym fees!). It’s also a way to personalize your workout to be just what you need. Your…

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How to Choose the Right Home Awning

By Ken Reusser / 06/25/2021 / Comments Off on How to Choose the Right Home Awning

The right home awning can add a lot of charm and comfort to a home. Imagine sitting out on your deck on a sunny day, sipping an iced drink in the shade—that’s the sort of appeal an awning can bring. But going beyond the choice to get an awning, how do you choose the right…

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How Does Remodeling Your House Affect Your Insurance?

By Ken Reusser / 06/18/2021 / Comments Off on How Does Remodeling Your House Affect Your Insurance?

Insurance may not immediately leap to mind for you when you start thinking about remodeling your house. However, it is something you need to consider before remodeling. Changes should start before construction to ensure you don’t wind up with problems down the line. Report all changes you intend to make to your home to your…

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