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Why You Should Use A Professional Interior Decorator

By Ken Reusser / 05/24/2023 / Comments Off on Why You Should Use A Professional Interior Decorator

If you have ever considered hiring an interior decorator to help you transform your home into a personal paradise, then you have probably wondered what makes a professional interior decorator different from a regular interior designer. The main difference is that professional interior decorators have a lot of experience in the field, allowing them to…

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Upcoming 2022 Home Trends

By Ken Reusser / 02/16/2022 / Comments Off on Upcoming 2022 Home Trends

Home trends in 2022 will focus on clever design, spacious areas, and multifunctional rooms.  In the past year, there were major strides when it came to bold colors and patterns. Whether you’re remodeling or building your home from the ground up, you can take advantage of exploring new ideas. Now begins the journey into refining…

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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

How to Choose a Kitchen Backsplash You’ll Love

By Ken Reusser / 03/05/2021 / Comments Off on How to Choose a Kitchen Backsplash You’ll Love

Are you looking to make your kitchen have a touch of personal flair? When designing or redesigning a kitchen, the kitchen backsplash can be the perfect place to showcase your personality. This is one place in the kitchen where you can go a bit wild and really find something that will make the kitchen feel…

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Time for Kitchen Upgrade

Ready for Some Kitchen Upgrades?

By Ken Reusser / 04/03/2019 / Comments Off on Ready for Some Kitchen Upgrades?

How do you know when it is time for a new kitchen? It is easy to become accustom to the way your home has always been and not really see it as a drab, outdated space that is in need of some major TLC. However, a adding in a few kitchen upgrades can be a…

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Kitchen Remodeling Costs

The Reality of Kitchen Remodeling Costs

By Ken Reusser / 10/04/2018 / Comments Off on The Reality of Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Remodeling projects can be very exciting, but thinking about the price can be discouraging.  This is especially true if you don’t fully understand how to calculate potential costs. If you are thinking about taking on this type of project, you likely have a ton of questions.  Typically the majority of those questions are about kitchen…

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