Didn’t notice your city listed under ”Cities Served”?

It is true, in construction builders go where the work is and we are no different.

We do primarily try to focus on the cities noted under this section of our website. However, we never turn down a project based on location. If we did that, we would have never played a major role in the Kate Spade tenant improvement project at the Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip, WA.

That project was almost 60 miles away from our home base, but it demonstrates our commitment to serving good clients no matter where they are located.

Mobile tool and material storage

We are mobile. Our company tool and material storage trailers can be on your site when you need us. More importantly, we will do our best to accommodate you on your next home improvement no matter where you reside.

Currently we are open to reviewing projects in any city within the boundaries of King and surrounding counties.

So if you are looking for a smooth project experience, please feel free to reach out or give us a call. We will do our utmost to find the most feasible approach to your project and we will consider it a pleasure to serve you in your neck of the woods.

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A long line of happy clients are saying things like:

  • You were so thorough and went over everything at my consultation.  The other contractors we spoke to didn’t even think of all this.  –  Katie M.

  • These guys are efficient, professional to the core, and do a stellar job.  Call them before you call anyone else.  –  Stacy C.

  • I’ve owned a home over 40 years and never found a company like HTP Builders. This is what it means to be professional.  –  Raymond L.

  • I’ve never seen a home improvement company build such an established foundation of a business before a reopening.  Your approach is something any homeowner would appreciate.  –  Jose D.[/

HTP Builders is committed to delivering high-caliber transformations and being the most client oriented firm in the area. This means that you will not be disappointed with your project experience.

Give us a call and request a consultation today.