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What To Consider When Adding A Home Addition

What to Consider when adding a home addition

Home additions are one of the most costly Bellevue home improvement projects, but they also have a great potential for return on investment. A home addition is more than slapping up some drywall. Your new addition will need a solid foundation, a roof, windows, electricity, and sometimes plumbing, heating, and cooling as well. As your trusted Bellevue home builders, here are a few things to take into consideration before adding another bedroom, living space, or bathroom to your home.

How Much Does A Home Addition Cost?

You’re not going to like this answer, but, it depends. In some cases, a small Bellevue home addition can cost less than $10,000, but it can also cost over $80,000 if it’s a big project or a second story. Adding a sunroom or a small bathroom are typically much less expensive than adding a master suite or a family room.

Can I Live In My House While An Addition Is Being Built?

Yes! Home additions are often isolated, allowing you to continue to live and navigate your home during the build. Keep in mind that this varies from build to build, and certain areas might be temporarily unavailable depending on where the addition is being added. We’re not going to promise there won’t be any inconvenience, but we set incredibly high standards for ourselves when we are a guest in your home, and do our part to control dust and ensure that our space is clean and safe when we go home at night so you can live as comfortably as possible during the home remodel.

Should I Add An Addition Or Sell My House?

Bellevue and the surrounding areas are incredibly desirable locations to live, and housing is expensive because of it. According to Zillow, Bellevue home prices have increased 14.7% since last year, and are expected to rise another 5-6% in the next year. The median home price, currently about $850,000, has doubled since 2012. So if you bought a home for $450,000 five years ago – you’re one of the lucky ones! If you like your location, want to stay in your home, and have the room to build, then a home addition, in our opinion, is a great idea if you need more space for your family. However, also take into consideration the loss of yard space, as well as any zoning laws.

While the percentage recouped for home additions is not as high as it is for home renovations, if the value of your home has already increased just from owning it, then adding a home addition in Bellevue might be more economical than moving into a larger home in the long run. When you take into consideration realtor fees and closing costs that you would pay when buying and selling a home, it starts to balance out even more. A consultation with our home improvement contractors in Bellevue can help you work out the pros and cons of your specific project.

Choose The Right Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors

High Tech Pacific Builders is a design-build firm, meaning we do everything from “foundation to finish,” as we like to say. Our designers collaborate with our builders to ensure that the interior and exterior of your home addition build are possible for your project, so there are no surprises down the road. This helps our process move quickly, saves your money, and creates hassle-free home improvement. Contact HTP Builders, your Bellevue home improvement contractors, today to see if a home addition is right for you.

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Ken Reusser

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