Constructability Analysis

Constructability analysis

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Constructability (or build ability) is a project management technique to review construction processes from start to finish during the pre-construction phase. It is to identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

The term “constructability” defines the ease and efficiency with which structures can be built. The more constructible a structure is, the more economical it will be.

Complex solutions, seamless experience

A constructability analysis, also known as a feasibility study, will provide you with the opportunity to have your project and existing plans reviewed by general contracting professionals.  This will allow you to get a builder’s perspective on things and answer a question that is the key to the success of your project.

An HTPB Feasibility Study will answer the following question:

”Can your project really be built the way you want it from the blueprints, plan designs, specifications, and selections you already have while meeting your personal project budget?

Why is this important?

Getting HTP Builders’ expert eye on thoroughly reviewing your project makes sense because typically through the design phase only designers and engineers have been involved.

While these individuals are outstanding when it comes to creating beautifully designed plans and calculating loads to account for all the structural considerations, they simply cannot say physical building is their forte.

They don’t build projects day in and day out. So, they cannot foresee and predict the issues the actual builder will run into.  Issues that good builders can identify early on in the project review process.

That’s where we come in

Getting a feasibility study from HTP Builders will provide you with invaluable feedback.  This ”begin with the end in mind” approach has saved our past clients thousands of dollars in construction costs and the stress of a project gone wrong.

This is possible because our assessment will include an in-depth look at:

  1. The feasibility of your project
  2. Whether or not the proposed plans can be built to your budget
  3. Design features VS the amount you want to invest
  4. Site constraints and the ”build-ability” of your project
  5. Design limitations and the completeness of your current plan set

In addition to getting cost-saving advice, your analysis will allow us to provide you with the guarantee that value of your fixed-price proposal will not increase due to overlooked details.  This is possible because taking the time necessary, upfront, to cover everything from A to Z will allot for proper planning, our review inspections, plan-set corrections, and more.

Your thorough construction assessment and job review will allow us to help you

  • Find the most viable way to meet your needs
  • Single out the most cost-effective way to get the results you want
  • Address your unique project conditions
  • Receive an all-inclusive proposal that ensures no budget-busting surprises.

Constructability Analysis gives you peace of mind on your construction project

Goals, timelines, budget constraints, and feasibility will all be taken into an account.  Plus, on top of all these benefits, this review will assist you in:

  1. Meeting schedule and budgetary goals
  2. Obtaining your desired level of quality, and
  3. Facilitating a less-hassle experience by reducing the risk of construction problems.

A special limited-time offer from a top-choice contractor

We strive to be a resource within the community.  As a result, we are offering new customers a 30%+ discount off our standard $325.00 cost of a basic feasibility study.  Let us find ways to save you from the frustrations that are all too common in the industry by putting this approach to the test.

Benefit from this limited-time offer and act now to claim your discount.  Get your assessment for only $250 and, even better, if you hire HTP Builders to complete your project, the fee for preparing this study will be credited against the cost of the project.  That’s right, your review will be completely FREE if we are hired to build your project.


This no-obligation service, has been designed to assist you in preparing for your project.  Goals, constraints, and construction complications are different on every building project, so this assessment is a must in order for you to get the information you need before a builder comes in and starts taring things apart during the demolition phase.

This proactive approach is the first step in reviewing all pertinent project conditions and tackling potential issues before they become problems.

The process

Your design will be reviewed with a focus on identifying problem areas and reducing costs.  HTP Builders’ incorporates value engineering, a method of evaluating project costs, into each project review.  These cost evaluations ensure you get the best results possible while staying within your budget.  You will achieve high quality results and get your project done in the most cost-effective way possible.

Don’t let anyone cut corners and tell you to skip this critical first step.  Contact us and schedule your constructability analysis when you’re ready to start your project off in the right direction.