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Think Safety

Construction safety is a vital factor in a worry-free contracting experience. We, of course, care about the well-being of all our team members. Likewise, you are no doubt concerned with the welfare of individuals working on your property. In addition to this natural concern, site safety is crucial in reducing your personal liability and keeping your schedule since projects typically slow down due to time loss.

There are many safety considerations that need to be addressed to eliminate the hazards that are present on even the smallest of projects.  It is for this reason that we think safety and work safely.

Construction Safety Matters

Construction safety and a safe work environment

A positive project experience is greatly dependent on job-related health and safety. Therefore, we always build precautions into every project plan. During your project you can expect us to proactively identifies hazards and eliminate or controls them to avoid accidents. Our construction safety standards and Accident Prevention Program are maintained to keep all personnel working toward keeping your project accident-free.

Accident prevention
Lead safety
First aid training
Commitment to safety

Every accident is preventable

With HTP Builders, your project team members accept personal responsibility for safety. Moreover, we maintain a no-injuries goal on all projects as we know every accident is preventable.

No injuries ties into our zero-tolerance substance abuse policy. This policy has been developed for your peace of mind. Our strict guidelines have proven to lower our client’s project-related risks. They protect you and keep your home safe. We are a drug-free employer and do not tolerate substance and alcohol abuse.

When it comes to those on our team we expect the very best, so we can provide you with our best. As a result, we do not put up with a lax or non-compliant attitude toward safety. Our team members support and adhere to related company policies. This means you will get consistent, high-level results.

HTP Builders is distinguished by setting safety principles higher than industry standards. Leading the front are our qualified superintendents who are:

OSHA Certified Safety Trained Team

  • Trained in accident prevention, safety planning, & safety administration
  • Certified on federal Occupational Safety &Health Administration regulations (OSHA 30)
  • Certified First Aid, CPR and AED trained
  • Responsible for enforcing safety guidelines on HTP Builders projects
  • Designated to remove any individual demonstrating a non-compliant attitude.

If you hire HTP Builders your next project will be accomplished as safely as possible. You can be sure that all work conditions will be preformed in a professional and safe manner. We endeavor to get things done right the first time and can assure you that you will never be placed in a position where you can be liable for the safety of our team when we are working on your home.

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