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Simply fill out the Consultation Form below to request a zero-obligation consultation and an in-depth project review.  An all-inclusive project analysis and job site assessment from HTP Builders will ensure your project is thoroughly evaluated and properly planned to for success.

Goals, constraints, and construction complications are different on every project, but we will help you to avoid surprises down the road.

HTP Builders’ proactive approach will help you consider all of your options, your specific site conditions, and any potential issues, so they will not become problems once your project is underway.

Moreover, you can expect more than you ever expected from our project review method as it will allow us to obtain your desired level of quality while facilitating a positive experience, home improvement with less hassle.

Dependent upon your specific project needs, our initial review can allow us to:

  • Begin the design process through a design build construction agreement.
  • Perform a feasibility study to analyze your home or existing design plans to review your project’s constructability.
  • Deconstruction to open up a space to make repairs, inspect, or review existing conditions and plan improvements.
  • Review schedule and budgetary goals.

Filling out the Consultation Request Form is your first step for an easy going project.  You will get all the crucial information you need upfront to foster a more seamless project experience.

Thank you for reaching out and considering HTP Builder as your home improvement contractor of choice.


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