Contentment in every square inch

A good contractor warranty can provide peace of mind. Since your complete satisfaction is our priority, that is exactly what we offer. More importantly, we promise to work hard at helping you feel at ease throughout your entire project. We stay up-to-date with innovative strategies that focus on unsurpassed, no-hassle project solutions. This gives us the ability to make improving your home easy on you.

HTPB Warranty Seal

Client service policy

You can expect more than you ever expected because our goal is to exceed your expectations. As a result, our client service policy fosters a project partnering mentality which results in superb service experiences for our clientele. Partnering with HTP Builders makes sense because we will go above and beyond for you.

In addition, you will get our promise to strive to provide:

  • High-quality craftsmanship with less hassle.
  • Exceptional service and top-notch customer support.
  • Professional, efficient, and safe construction crew.
  • A responsive team who will effectively listen to you.

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Client relations philosophy

Client Assurance and your complete assurance is our number one prioity.

We know that your satisfaction is vital to the success of our Company. That is why keeping you satisfied and ensuring your project is a success is among our highest priorities. Let’s face it, without you, we would not be here. In our efforts to maintain your satisfaction when working with us, we have developed a strong Client Relations Policy. Therefore, everyone on the High Tech Pacific Builders' team operates in a way that demonstrates the following:

  • CLIENTS are the most important people in our business.
  • CLIENTS deserve respect and will always be treated with respect.
  • CLIENTS will be treated fairly and how we would like to be treated.
  • CLIENTS will get exactly what they pay for and no corners will be cut.
  • CLIENTS are deserving of courteous and attentive treatment.

Quality control


To help you get a positive experience, your project lead will follow systematic quality control guidelines.

First, an overall project review and site analysis will take place to account for your project-specific conditions. This allows us to uncover potential issues, which may affect the quality you will be provided, before they become problems. Before each phase of your project begins, pre-planning will be occur.  Hire us and your team will use detailed checklists to ensure nothing is missed.  As each phase of your project is completed, our method guarantees it will be inspected before the job moves forward, so ''compiling errors'' will no stack up.

Since you deserve to have a great project experience, quality control is something we deal with systematically.  Therefore, our you-first approach reduces the risk of error and missed tasks.  A qualified project lead will inspect your project before your personal final inspection to minimize punch list items and call backs.  This will provide you with the best results possible.

What is the standard contractor warranty?

The American Institute of Architects accurately define the standard construction warranty.  Originally, this "standard" had no time limit leaving builders open to extended liability.  With no other option, contractors had to impose personal time constraints to protect themselves.  This makes sense because a contractor should obviously not be on the hook forever, right?

This is when builders decided to include language in their agreements to terminate coverage as they saw fit.  Due to it being a matter of preference, it seems contractors figured the shorter the better.

Thus, the birth of a new "standard" came to be, the one-year warranty.  Consequently, the majority of local firms promote this short-lived coverage.

However, not all companies provide one-year or ''tail-light'' warranties (your warranty expires when you see the builder's tail-lights pulling out of your driveway).

HTPB Warranty Seal

Keep this in mind as you look for the right contractor.  It is up to you to acknowledge this and demand a warranty that works for you.

All work guaranteed

You can be confident in High Tech Pacific Builders because we stand behind our workmanship with our 5-Year, No-Worries Warranty.  That is five times as long as 95% of our local competitors and five years for you to rest assured knowing we have you covered.  This will substantially lower your risk and protect your investment.  So hire right and choose HTP Builders.


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