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Is Custom Cabinetry What Your Kitchen Is Missing?


If you have been planning a Bellevue kitchen remodel, you most likely have also been busy browsing the internet and home improvement catalogs for inspiration about how to create the kitchen of your dreams. One of the most amazing and vital parts of any kitchen is the cabinets. Poorly constructed or designed cabinets can make or break a kitchen, leaving you with inadequate storage even though the cabinets take up most of the space.

High Tech Pacific Builders specializes in custom cabinetry. Stock cabinetry is not going to be ideal for every kitchen, and using stock cabinets can make something feel just a little bit off in your kitchen. Instead, consider completing your kitchen remodel with custom cabinets that are designed to fit your needs, floor plan, and style.

What To Consider When Choosing Custom Cabinets

  • Kitchen Cabinet Trends: Clean lines and flat faces have been taking over the cabinet world for some time and are especially nice looking in a small kitchen, as ornate cabinets can be overpowering. On the other hand, you may want to go with something more traditional that is sure to withstand the test of time. You may also want to consider only using lower cabinets in certain areas of the kitchen to make the kitchen feel larger, or even opting for lower cabinets and open shelves on top.
  • Storage Ability: Don’t forget that once your beautiful kitchen remodel is complete, those cabinets will be full of dishes, cups, appliances, and food. If you have a large family, you will probably want to find a way to optimize storage space in your design and not everybody wants open shelving to display colorful kids plates and sippy cups. However, if you only have a couple people living in the home, then you can probably spring for style over storage.
  • Color: Whether you are choosing painted cabinets, stained, or unfinished wood, it is important to consider the color. Bright white cabinets will brighten up your kitchen, grey cabinets might make it feel darker, and colorful cabinets will add a lot of personality. Just be sure to consider how your cabinets will flow with your kitchen floors and counters.

HTP Builders Kitchen Cabinet Services

Of course, we know not everybody needs or wants completely custom cabinets. Because of that, we offer multiple cabinet solutions for your Bellevue kitchen remodel. This, as you know by now, includes custom cabinet design and building and millwork. But we also offer basic installation of cabinets you buy from the store or order online, cabinet assembly or ready-to-assemble cabinets, and cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is a great option for those whose current cabinets are solid wood and in good shape, but may just need a little facelift, so to speak.

Contact HTP Builders For Your Kitchen Remodel Needs

Whether you choose to go fully custom when it comes to cabinet design or simply have us reface your cabinets when we complete your Bellevue kitchen remodel will depend on several factors, the biggest of which is budget, followed by needs and personal preference in most cases. It comes as no surprise that doing fully custom cabinets will be a higher-end project with a higher-end budget, but the possibilities will be endless for what you can achieve. From pull-out trash cans and appliance garages to walk-in pantries and narrow drawers for oils and spices, we can work with you and your budget to create a cabinet system that fits your needs exactly. Plus, there will be no compromising on the material, color, or hardware.

To get a quote on a custom cabinet design, cabinet refacing, or cabinet installation as part of your Bellevue kitchen remodel, get in touch with HTP Builders today!

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