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Is design-build construction a better solution than hiring an architecture? While many people believe they need to hire an architecture to design a home remodel and a separate company to build it, this might not be the best option. If you are you thinking about updating your home, consider your options thoroughly. Continue reading to learn about our design-build construction process.

Before moving forward with your project consider the difference between the architectural approach and the design-build method.

In general, the design-build method yields  better results as it is:

  • Less time consuming
  • Less costly, and
  • The lower-risk approach.

Let us explain. Design-build firms, like High Tech Pacific Builders, refine the design process. They bring a well-established team of experts together. These relationships drive results due to team members having a unified goal:

Produce a great project that meets each client’s design and construction goals, including their budget.

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The challenges involved in designing and building any project can lead to frustration, overspending, and sap your time and energy. That is why you need to make a decision about which project delivery method is right for you.

What Home Improvement Method Makes More Sense?

Which option sounds more logical? An architectural approach involves hiring an architect to handle the complete design stage of your project without any communication, collaboration, or discussion of costs and time limitations with your home remodeling construction company.

In contrast, you can use the design-build method, where a single contracting company combines both design and construction services with absolute accountability.

Design-build construction has been widely adopted as the preferred project delivery system. This is because it results in completed plans that are in sync with the owner’s schedule, budget, and other goals.  It streamlines the entire design and construction process.

Exclusively using an architect requires extra stages to be completed before and during the build.  You will have to:

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  1. Interview and hire an architect
  2. Solicit bids from contractors
  3. Review contractor’s experience
  4. Interview general contractors
  5. Select and hire a company to build
  6. Meet with both parties to establish communication
  7. Allow builder to perform a feasibility review to see if they can build from the plan
  8. Pay the architect to make any necessary design adjustments, and more…

Besides being more time-consuming, the architectural (design-bid-build) method is also more expensive.  This is partly caused by the presence of two contracts being paid separately. Avoiding those separate contacts has proven to provide homeowners with up to 10% savings overall by using a design-build contractor. This 10% off the top must sound good and be convincing enough to go with a design-build home remodel, but are there other ways your final project price will be affected?

The Risk Involved

Just like a design-build firm, an architectural company will assist you to define and transfer your ideas onto paper. Furthermore, they will similarly ensure your plans convey your selected design features, the finish materials you prefer, etc. However, hiring an architectural firm is the more costly route to take for a number of other reasons.

Your budget is not an architect’s main concern. Simply put, hands-on building is not their forte. As a result, most architects do not know how much it will actually cost to complete your home remodel, bathroom renovation, kitchen upgrade, or other project.

General contractors provide estimates based on project-specific information and the architect’s plans. They do this by using their experience in physical building and any company installation times they typically record. This is a standard operation they perform on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is not a facet of an architect’s profession. Architects develop plans and do not normally:

  • Perform material takeoffs,
  • Compile pricing data,
  • Track tradesmen installation times, or
  • Put all-inclusive estimates together regularly.

Cost to remodel a kitchen

Architects just lack the daily practice of consistently pricing construction projects. If they cannot accurately price your project, how can they keep you on budget?

It Will Cost You

Other factors will lead to a rise in the final out-of-pocket price you pay. Admittedly, the majority of plans developed by architects are inaccurate and incomplete. This is due to the fact that they are not working closely with those actually building the project. They just cannot foresee all the construction and feasibility issues the builder will encounter. Inevitably this creates more design and construction cost increases.

It is noteworthy to mention that reports indicate over half the architectural plans created per year lead to projects that are never even built. Since the total project costs are not considered from the early stages of design, contractor quotations tend to exceed what the project owner can afford.

Does the architectural approach sound expensive? So the cycle begins. First, you pay the architect for an initial design. This is in addition to fees for revisions you make until you are happy with a final design.  Then, you will also have to pay for plan changes to get the final design approved by the city. Finally, you will end up paying for design changes until you obtain contractor pricing which meets your budget goal.  While such additional changes are cumbersome, they are a must in order to get the drawings in sync with your budgetary constraints and keep your home remodel on track.

Exclusively Working With An Architect Causes Other Issues

There are other recurring issues that arise when solely working with an architect. It is common knowledge to industry professionals that design-bid-build projects lack the following:

  1. Contractual continuity for the architect when undertaking a project.
  2. Accountability – Each party expects another to handle certain items. This leads to task overlapping or being overlooked.
  3. Optimal communication since architects tend to view themselves as a contractor’s superior
  4. Maximum client involvement. Architectural firms make numerous design decisions alone and their designs are final.

Pricing Construction Costs Without A Contractor

As previously noted, in the architectural method the designer and contractor work separately. Cost predictions cannot be provided and if they are, the estimate is not as accurate as it could be. Moreover, there are other unconsidered costs associated with facets of the building process that architects do not include in a client’s budget. These include budgeting for the:

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  • Legally required tests for asbestos (1980) & lead (1979)
  • Basic remediation of such hazardous materials.
  • Protection of adjacent structures & surfaces
  • Dust mitigation which will contain airborne particulates
  • Deconstructing & selective demolition costs
  • Hauling & disposal of project debris
  • Delivery of construction equipment, manpower, project materials, etc.

Other budget considerations relating to the physical work which architects have trouble pricing:

  • Mechanical work such as electrical, plumbing, & HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Projected costs for anticipated drywall patchwork & painting to match existing surfaces
  • Charges associated with upgrading existing work to meet code, and
  • Work required in areas which are directly adjacent to the new work for seamless transitions.

Conversely, you can get all of this information and more by avoiding design-bid-build. In contrast, the leverage you receive from a design-build contractor, in the early phases of your project, will lead to better results. This means your project designs will be developed to meet your personal construction budget.  Additionally, fewer constructability issues will arise during the building of your project. Your home improvement goals will be met and you will save yourself from undue stress. Less time consuming, less costly, and less headache.

Design Build Just Makes Sense

Design-build home improvement companies, like HTP Builders, provide a cohesive team of experts.  Such home contractors have well-established relationships with each member of their team. These design teams usually consist of an experienced architect and engineer who provide consistent results. However, the main difference is that the contractor is a major contributor to the team. The close-knit group works hard to provide clients with drawings that are as feasible for construction as possible while meeting your budget. They all have one goal: Produce the best projects that will meet your design, lifestyle, and investment goals.

The design-build method proactively involves the contractor from the start. This will allow you to consider your design style and the project features you want while being guided to stay within the budget you set.  Determining your budget and allowing the design-build home improvement team to manage the project cost and construction feasibility upfront will limit potential problems from occurring in the future.

At High Tech Pacific Builders, we incorporate value engineering (method of reducing costs without sacrificing functionality or quality) into the entire planning process. Rather than adding costs, this enables us to provide project plans to suit your needs and meet your investment goals. Unlike when using the architect-only design option, with HTPB you will get:

  1. Permit-ready plan
  2. Feasibility and cost control advising
  3. Permit filing services
  4. Material selection assistance
  5. A detailed scope description
  6. Comprehensive construction specifications
  7. Guidance during design to achieve your target investment
  8. An all-inclusive pricing to build your project.

Peace Of Mind In Every Design

HTP Builders design-build construction services can provide you a well-designed space that fits your lifestyle. Whether you are adding a home addition, doing a bathroom remodel, or a full-scale kitchen renovation, we do not have a one-size-fits-all design solution. Our personal touch and unique take on project planning enables us to tailor our approach to suit your project. Because of this, each custom design will fit each individual client’s needs and budget.

We will base our creative designs on your specific taste, goals, and desired investment amount.  This ensures you will get a project that delivers exactly what you are looking for.

Other benefits of HTPB’s design-build construction process:

  1. You will not be in the middle of the architect, engineer, and contractor
  2. Provides the ability to focus project completion and responsibility on a single entity
  3. Alleviates a significant amount of risk not allowing it to be placed on project owners
  4. Easy integration of changes – minimizing project disruption, and expediting construction
  5. Project costs saving with a reduction in time to complete the design and actual build
  6. Construction will be completed with far less unforeseen problems.

Expect More Than You Ever Expected From Your Home Remodel Contractors

Select High Tech Pacific Builders to design your project and you will get more than a permit-ready plan set. You will the have peace of mind knowing you selected the best project delivery method available: the design-build approach. More importantly, you can rest assured knowing your final drawings will be construction-ready and designed, in part, by a builder to ensure a smooth build for a less problematic home construction experience overall.

Unlike with other design-build firms and the architectural approach,  we will not wait until after the plans are completed to calculate the total costs of your project. We will calculate the costs as we design it, so we can guide you through the process and keep your investment affordable.

Why waste money and time by hiring an architect when you can get home improvement or a total home remodel with less hassle? Contact HTP Builders to learn more about how our design-build process works or to schedule a consultation for your next home improvement project.

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