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How to Determine Home Value of Your Castle

How to Determine Home Value of Your Castle

Are you looking to sell? Determining home value can be tricky. Getting a general idea is one thing, but there are many little factors that can affect the value of your home.  Things like recent remodels or outdated design elements play into this. Still, it isn’t impossible to accurately determine the value of your home.

To Start

A good place to start in determining the value of your home is to visit a real estate site that will give you an estimate. For most people, is there go-to tool for this. However, this estimate is based off of previous sales, current market value, and prerecorded facts about your home.  Facts like square footage and bedroom count.

If you notice inaccurate information, have done any remodeling, or happen to know of major flaws in your home (water damage, structural issues, etc.) the actual amount could be very different than Zillow’s estimation. Even small changes can affect the actual home value. Some of these factors include: the age of your windows, roof, carpet, and the design elements inside you home. So do some additional information gathering when trying to determine the value of your home.

Determine Your Home Value

Looking Deeper

When determining your home value, you don’t want to stop before you have an accurate estimate, but an accurate gauge just isn’t something you will get without digging a little deeper.

Some websites provide a more accurate home value estimator and they should be checked as well.  One of our favorites can be found at

Even those these secondary websites can really help, the best way to find more information about your home is to contact a real estate agent or appraiser directly and ask. They have access to resources you don’t. Turning to the professionals is often the best way to quickly get to determine the true value of your home in the current market.  Some of these experts will offer you additional information over the phone, but if you are looking for the best information possible, their paid-appraisal services will give you the most accurate assessment available.

Determine the Value 3

Make Improvements that up your home value

If you aren’t happy with what you learn about your home, remember that you can always improve the value of your home.

Use the advice of industry professionals to determine your home’s value after specific improvements are made. It may be a little investment you make that can get you the home value you want.

That is something we would be happy to help you with. At HTP Builders, we have the expertise to really get in there and improve the value of your home. Check out our remodeling services to learn more.

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