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When To DIY And When To Call Your Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors


In a time when many enthusiastic homeowners spend hours every week watching home improvement shows on HGTV, tackling home renovation projects seems like something anyone can do. If Chip and Joanna Gaines can flip an entire house on Fixer Upper in an hour-long episode, then surely you can rip the cabinets out of your kitchen, frame a new wall, and install hardwood floors, right?

Today, we want to offer up some examples of when you can do-it-yourself (DIY) and when you should use our general contractor services in Bellevue. And remember, even if you can DIY, doesn’t mean you have the time to do it. What some might consider DIY projects are actually great opportunities to use our licensed, local handyman services from HTP Builders.

DIY: Painting A Wall

Professionals: Taking Down A Wall

While professional painters are experts at getting you a smooth, even finish, many homeowners take small painting projects into their own hands. And the results are usually great. Painting a wall is one thing, but taking one down is a whole new ball game. Consider the issues you can run into: the wall you take down might be a support structure, you might accidentally dislodge plumbing and electrical wires if you get a little too enthusiastic with that sledgehammer, and if your house was built before the 1980s, you might open a wall of asbestos. For any sort of structural demolition, leave it to the professionals.

DIY: Scraping Popcorn Off Of A Ceiling

Professionals: Finishing A Basement With A New Ceiling

Before you grab that ladder, we want to add one more reminder that asbestos is often found in walls and in textured “popcorn ceilings” that were applied before the 1980s, so be sure to have your ceilings tested before you fill your house with asbestos dust. If you have the right supplies and feel comfortable on a ladder, you can often scrape the texture off of your ceiling on your own – though trust us when we say this is a big, messy, dusty feat.

While some ceiling work can be done yourself, installing a ceiling in an unfinished basement might be better left to the pros – the last thing you want is a makeshift Youtube-tutorial ceiling crashing down. Our Bellevue home improvement contractors specialize in finishing basements without losing significant headspace.

DIY: Creating A Walkway In Your Backyard

Professionals: Creating A Home Addition In Your Backyard

If you want to clear a path and line it with bricks, or even install some nice pavers to walk on, you could probably spend a couple of weekends doing that yourself with some hard work and elbow grease. While you can usually build a walkway without any issues in your backyard, building a home addition could require permits and city approval on top of just the building aspect.

The Bottom Line: If you might hurt yourself or your house, call the Bellevue home improvement contractors at HTP Builders.


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Ken Reusser

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