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How to Build Your Dream Walk-In Closet

How to Build Your Dream Walk-In Closet

Homeownership can have a lot of perks. One of the best bonuses to homeownership is having that perfect closet. For many of us, this means a walk-in closet designed around the way you use or the way you want to use your closet. The hardest part can be deciding what, out of all the options out there, will really fulfill your walk-in closet dreams.

Layout Ideas

Your walk-in closet is all about you! Deciding on a layout for your dream walk-in closet is a great place to start. If you have a designer’s eye, you’ll have a ton of fun thinking up different ideas. However, getting concepts for layout options can be difficult for some. If you’re having trouble in this area, remember that this is a step you don’t have to do alone if you seek the help of design professionals.

Vanity space

A popular feature in walk-in closets is a vanity area where you can dress and look at yourself. Consider a three-way mirror and seating if this sounds like something that would make your walk-in closet usage more functional and enjoyable.

Storage ideas

You have a lot of storage options. Try out enclosed cabinets and open racks. Depending on your usage needs, you may want to devote most of your space to hanging clothes or having drawers which may prove easier to you. The most important part of a walk-in closet is being able to store your items, so consider your needs carefully.

Consider islands in larger closets for central storage and a division of areas. This can help if you are sharing a closet or just wanting to divide things; dressy items from casual clothes for example.

For smaller walk-in closets consider modular cabinets to maximize storage or customized cabinetry to make sure that the space is maximized for how you will use it.

A dressing bench

One feature that can add a sense of leisure to your walk-in closet is a dressing bench. Add a dressing bench somewhere convenient to sit and make getting dressed in the closet comfortable.

Design Ideas

A primary focus of a master closet’s design is material and aesthetics. Try out different materials and colors to get the walk-in closet you want. Using wood and spotlight lighting can give the space a warm and relaxing feeling. Whereas using lots of white and faux columns can give a bright luxurious feeling. If you need some help visualizing what your space can become or if you want to see what will actually fit in your current space, 3D designs may be in order. Most interior design services include color 3D renderings that will show you exactly what your space can look like before anything is installed.

Another thing to consider with the design is what your closet’s primary use will be. Try designing around a vanity area or having a large shoe rack to prioritize that impressive shoe collection. In other words you’ll want to design around your primary design objectives.

Jack and Jill Closets

A Jack and Jill closet is a closet shared between two spaces with two entrances. Dividing a walk-in closet between two users can add a layer of complexity. This is a special type of walk-in closet because they are often more of a multi-use space. Designing this space around usage from two areas means some sort of division of space will be required. This can be accomplished by adding carefully thought out design elements to your walk-in closet. The benefit of a Jack and Jill walk-in closet is that the space ends up being roomier and easier to use as apposed to two smaller closets.

If you are ready for that perfect walk-in closet, but you don’t like the idea of doing it yourself, HTPB would love to assist you. Take a look at our remodeling services. Getting expert help can make the process of getting that dream closet move smoothly!

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