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Fixing Up Your Home To Sell? Here’s What Homebuyers Want

When you decide to put your home on the market, you have two options: sell as-is, or make an investment to fix it up and get top-dollar. Even if you are considering renting your home out, doing some major upgrades can help increase the monthly income you receive from your home. Today, your Bellevue home improvement specialists are here to offer some advice on what potential homebuyers and renters are looking for in a home.

Keep reading to learn what upgrades will give your home more value, and be sure to give High Tech Pacific Builders a call to make your vision a reality.

Open Floor Plans

Homes used to have very closed, boxy floor plans. Do you remember having to walk through three different doors in your grandparent’s home just to get to from the backyard to the kitchen? These days, many homebuyers do not conform to “the more, the merrier” when it comes to doors and walls. An open floor plan that features a kitchen overlooking the living room goes a long way in creating a welcoming environment. If a guest can walk through your front door and see your backyard, your home is going to be very attractive to homebuyers.

Withstand The Test Of Time

Trends come and go, we all know that. While your home improvement contractors could create pretty much any look you desire, if you’re thinking about selling soon then choosing finishes that are a little more tested might be better. For example, white cabinets and hardwood floors never go out of style.

Formal Dining Room? Not Really

Older homebuyers may still look for a formal dining room, but many young homebuyers really don’t need that dedicated space. Instead, turn that space into something that can be a home office, a guest bedroom, and a playroom all at once.

Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Speaking of nixing the formal dining room, homebuyers are looking for functionality. A kitchen island goes a long way in convincing a homebuyer to drop a down payment. Parents immediately see islands as a place for kids to eat breakfast and do homework, and the extra counter space is perfect for preparing meals and entertaining.

Storage – And Lots Of It

Housing is becoming more and more expensive, and homebuyers are shying away from homes with excessive square footage. With that said, we also have more material possessions than ever before. Buyers love storage space, from walk-in closets to kitchen cabinets to custom-built basement storage from your Bellevue home improvement contractors, the more places you can put stuff, the more your home will be worth to buyers.

Soaking Tubs

As relaxing as jetted jacuzzi tubs are, more and more homeowners are looking towards less-bulky soaking tubs. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your bathroom so buyers will love it, save some money on a jetted tub and opt for a large freestanding bathtub instead.

More Outlets

This one may seem a little weird, but think about it. Where is your phone charger right now? How about your laptop charger? Most likely, they are sitting in an outlet ready to use. The amount of items that are constantly plugged in has risen exponentially. We used to just leave the TV plugged in and maybe a lamp or two. Now we leave chargers that aren’t even connected to anything plugged in 24/7. If you offer potential buyers a few outlets on every wall, it will just be icing on the cake.

Main-Level Laundry

Even though HTP Builders specializes in finishing basements, sometimes basement laundry can be a bummer, especially for families in two-story homes. If a busy parent has the option to walk down the hall to do laundry as opposed to walking all the way to the basement, they’ll always choose the closer option. If you’re doing some major upgrades, consider main-level or even a second-floor laundry room.

Finished Basements

Speaking of getting the laundry out of the basement, buyers are looking for a completed home. Finishing the basement with drywall, flooring, and trim is a great place to start. Creating extra bedrooms or an in-law suite goes the extra mile.

Contact Your Home Improvement Contractors In Bellevue

Whether you’re moving the laundry room or reworking your entire floor plan, no Bellevue home improvement is too big or too small for HTP Builders. Get in touch today for a free consultation on your next Seattle-area home improvement project!

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