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Front Door Colors That Will Make Your House Stand Out

Front Door Colors That Will Make Your House Stand Out

If you are proud of your house you probably want other people to notice or admire it. Among the many exterior project ideas you can pull off, one simple way to stand out in the crowd is by having an eye-catching front door color. While you don’t want to go overboard on house decoration and have it looking garish, a splash of color here and there will add some interest to your home’s exterior façade.

There are two main factors to choosing a good eye-catching front door color: bright colors to go with your home’s exterior and choosing the right contrasting trim color.

Bright Colors

Your front door is a great place for a pop of color. This is not the place to shy away into neutral tones as bright colors are awesome attention grabbers. As long as the rest of your color palette isn’t over the top, it will just work to attract just the right type of attention. But just choosing a bright color isn’t enough, you need to choose the right bright color.

Consider the color scheme for the rest of your house when picking your bright front door color. If your home is tan, orange or red is a nice color within the same tonal family. However, you may get more bang for your buck if you go with a contrasting color like teal.

Figure out what you really love by getting paint samples and considering them in front of your home. The important part is to really be able to visualize what the colors will look like when applied to your entry door. Try teal, red, or even burnt orange. The right color is out there.

Contrasting Trim Colors

The second important factor to an eye-catching front door color is choosing the right color for your exterior trim. What exactly does that mean? The right trim color is the color that will make your door stand out and complement the door color without clashing or detracting from it. Once you have your front door color chosen, it is time to pick a corresponding trim color. To make your door color stand out, choose a contrasting trim color. Try a pale trim with a darker color (white works well) or a dark color with a bright one (like black with a fire red).

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Ken Reusser

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