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How to Create a More Functional Space.

How to Create a More Functional Space

A functional space can be hard to come by…

Do you have a useless room in your house? A space that does nothing but gather dust? Turning this room into a functional space will add value and ease of living to your home. However, before redesigning a room to make it a more functional space, there are a few options to consider.

Creating a Functional Space


In order for any room to become a functional space, adequate storage needs to be in place. Consider the options available for the type of space you wish to create. There are some wonderful tricks to building in storage in all sorts of innovative ways.

Laundry room: When designing a laundry room to be a functional space, try to implement space saving organizers. If you know what you are going to be storing there, then take a moment to consider the best ways to organize them. Building storage over the washer and dryer units can be a convenient and space saving option.

Office: An office generally centers around a desk, so picking the right desk is the first challenge. Make sure that whatever you pick fits well in the room with space to navigate around it comfortable. Consider desks with built in storage or build the storage right into the room for a truly functional space.

Pantry: Pantries are less about comfort than almost any other functional space. Of course, that’s as long as there is enough room to get to the items in the back.  The only concern is finding convenient ways of storing and accessing items.  Installing shelving or pullouts that supports this can help optimize your space.

Kids’ rooms: When designing a kid’s room to create a functional space, there are tons of options that keep in mind the way that kids live. Plan for lots of shelving options. Building a closet to suit storing many small things can help keep the room neat and tidy. Another great option for kids rooms are bunk-beds or loft beds which offer double use of square footage.

Lighting / Natural Light

Outside of storage the most universal dilemma in keeping making sure you have a truly functional space is lighting. Some rooms have a lot of natural light, and utilizing this in your design can add an open and airy feel to a room. Some room types really require a lot of light; like an office space or a kid’s room.

Consider how different lighting types will affect usage. Dimmers can be great options if mood lighting is important or even in a kid’s room to provide a built-in nightlight. If your space doesn’t have much natural light? Plenty of overhead lighting helps make spaces without natural light easy to navigate.

New Funtional Space

Might we be of service

Whenever converting any space and making changes in your home, there are a lot of things to consider. Of course, you want all of your projects to turn out well, but there can be a lot of unknowns if you aren’t experienced. Guidance in creating functional space can be a wonderful tool to ensuring your project turns out the way that you want. At HTP Builders we agree that your project should turn out to be everything you dreamed.  More importantly, we want your experience to provide you with the least amount of hassle and frustration.  So, learning more about our home improvement services might be just want you’re looking for.

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