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Sustainable or green remodeling, helps protect Earth’s depleting resources. Moreover, with over 70% of our nations waste coming from demolition and construction debris, we have no choice, but to evoke change.

Our eco-healthy building options have been established to give you the opportunity to Build It Green. Your overall health and our planet will thank you.

Green remodeling has many more benefits, such as:

Building it green

  • Providing healthier & more comfortable living environments
  • Lowers project waste disposal costs by 50% – 95%
  • Improves long-term economic performance of new & existing structures
  • Energy & water efficient technologies lower utility costs up to 65%
  • Easier to maintain, higher durability with longer building life spans
  • Improved indoor air quality, occupant satisfaction, & production
  • An investment of $4 per SF nets up to $62 per SF benefit over 20 years
  • Obtain up to a 4% increase valuation for every dollar invested

With benefits like these, how could you not take advantages of green building methods on your next project?

Did you know that Americans spend 80 to 90% of their time indoors? As a result, we are exposed to little or no “fresh air” for the greater part of the day. This is not a good thing due to typical construction methods.  Unfortunately, standard building techniques have forced us to paint our walls, finish our floors, and fill the joints of our building with toxic chemicals. We are actually polluting our indoor living spaces.

These chemicals include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and much more. In addition, such chemicals can off-gas into indoor environments for many years after they have been installed. This shouldn’t be overlooked as there have actually been numerous reports of local buildings making occupants ill due to these toxins.

HTP Builders is dedicated to raising awareness to these realities. On the bright side, green remodeling addresses these major problems. Green practices prohibit the use of toxic materials and keep the health and comfort of occupants a primary focus.

Invest in sustainable remodeling

Higher resale value and building appraisals are guaranteed. The life cycle cost of a building is the cost of that building throughout its entire life. An upfront investment of just 2%, on average, results in life cycle savings of 20% of the total construction costs. That is more than ten times the initial investment.

Simple performance choices will lower your maintenance costs. This will save you money and protect the environment at the same time. The energy savings alone could pay for green improvements several times over.  Also, it is noteworthy that nationwide there are rebates, programs, and other incentives to promote green building practices.

We are SBA Certified, a green remodeling company

As a green remodeling company, HTP Builders can provide sustainable solutions for any construction project. Since we offer sustainable consulting services we can make going green easy.

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