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When it comes to design-build remodeling and additions, there are a multitude of contractors to choose from.  Of course there are a lot ”fly by night” operations around, but if you look hard enough you will also find those craftsmen who are very good at what they do.

Like many in the area, Ken Reusser has spent over a decade and a half honing his craft.  Like them, he too offers beautifully finished projects as he has a real passion for design and building. However, you need to keep something in mind. It is not just about the end results.  It is about how they get you there. It’s about the journey, the experience.

More importantly, it’s all about finding the right contractor for you.  One who can prove they have what it takes to provide you with the project experience you deserve.


What Ken has to offer that no other contractor brings to the table

Ken has worked hard to obtain hands-on skills, strong experience, and a relevant industry education that sets him apart from the competition.  This will prove him to be an unmatched option for your next project as:

  • This highly-certified contractor holds the most certifications when compared to other residential contractors in the area.  His commitment to being a lifelong-learner has lead to his outstanding credentials.  All of which enables this certified contractor to fully serve your unique project needs.
  • Ken is the only King County contractor who dedicated his expertise to developing our unique you-first project approach for a better service solution.
  • No other contractor can say they have formal training that consists of a cumulative 5,739-hour education.

It is crucial for you to understand that a contractor’s field experience needs to be paired with a formal education.

This is proven by the fact that contractors hold one of the highest small business failure rates in the country.  This statistic gets worse when you take a look at why they fail.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms the top reasons for contractor failure:

  1. Lack of general business and financial management skills,
  2. Lack of project management skills,
  3. Lack of general building competency.

No homeowner wants a contractor like this working on their project and rightfully so.  It can be difficult to sift though tons of inadequate builders looking for that single gem of a company, but it is not necessary.  All you have to do is check their credentials.


The highly-certified contractor

A glance at the top reasons for failure prove hands-on training and an education in management are essential to the success of a contractor.  Therefore, they are even more necessary to ensure the success of your upcoming project.

After reviewing the credentials and the resume below, you can rest assured knowing your project will be in good hands by choosing, highly-certified contractor, Ken Reusser and the High Tech Pacific Builders team.

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