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Home Checkup InspectionEach and every HTPB handyman service-call project comes with a complimentary Home Checkup Inspection.

This FREE gift is our way of saying thank you for making HTP Builders your handyman of choice.

Using our 30-point inspection checklist, you will get a professional set of eyes on your home.

This means you will have the opportunity to discover home maintenance and repair issues that may have gone overlooked.

Upfront knowledge is power as minor issues can become larger problems.

As a result, HTPB Home Checkups will help you keep your annual home repair and maintenance expenses at a minimum.

HTPB Home Checkups will effortlessly leave you with the knowledge that you need to keep the value in your home while protecting your investment and maintaining its beauty.

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Detecting issues early on will ensure preventative maintenance and other necessary repairs won’t go unnoticed.  In turn, you will be armed with the information you need.  Information that will allow you to keep a handle on any potential concerns.  This is crucial as such issues typically lead to more costly work in the future.

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After your handyman service call, your HTPB home-repair specialist will inspect your home inside and out.  Then, they will take the time to thoroughly explain their findings with you.  Once complete, you will be provided with a copy of their report.

Get all of this at absolutely no cost to you.

Free Home Inspection

It’s all part of our effort to put You first and help you to take complete care of your home.

You worked hard to purchase your home sweet home and you have to work just as hard to keep it maintained.

That’s where we come in.

Partner with HTP Builders and we’ll make the upkeep of your castle as convenient and worry-free as possible.

HTPB Checkups will give you the peace of mind of knowing professionals have thoroughly examined your home’s condition.  Plus, you will be provided with expert advice to make sure you’re in the know.

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