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Envision, Design, Realize. HTP Builders: Crafting Custom Home Designs Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

From interior design services to full on permit-plans, we can help take your new home or renovation design from an idea to a solid, detailed concept down on paper.   HTP Builders' project development and design services offers custom designs tailored to your needs.

HTPB Home Design Services

Your design will include color, 3D renderings.  These drawings offer a concise destination for your project.  This will provide everyone on your team with a clear understanding of the final outcome you expect.  Over the years, we have found this to be the most sensible project approach for a number of reasons.

First off, using the right remodeling process is the only way you can really see what you're getting for the price you'll be paying.  Without a tangible design, you do not have the transparency of knowing exactly what you will be getting for your investment.

Designing your project is the only way to know if it can realistically be built; built to match your vision. Let's make sure your job turns out exactly the way you want it.

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Why is this critical first step skipped?

Many homeowners wonder why all contractors don't recommend beginning with the end in mind and starting with the design phase.  This is due to the common lack in the services provided and skill set of local contractors.  Simply put, if your builder doesn't offer design services they won't mention it or will recommend against it.  Typically they brush it off claiming it's unnecessary even though it is crucial to the success of your project.

Project Design Image

In reality, this is the only logical way to get your project started off in the right direction as:

  1. It is common for new, completed work to be torn out immediately following installation when the functionality of the space does not turn out as promised by the contractor.
  2. Demolition of brand-new finishes, removed and replaced, happens all too often when owners don’t like the look after it all comes together.
  3. Tradesmen are not designers and do not have the experience to be relied upon to design projects which take design elements, features, and practices into consideration.
  4. Traditional contractors are not design professionals, so a short site visit and free estimate will NOT provide homeowners with the design details they need to make educated project decisions.  Decisions that will make or break your project budget.

A process that simply works

The solution to this problem is simply to not overlook the project development and design phase.  This is the most important part of project planning any project.  It's crucial as it is the only way you can "begin with the end in mind" and have a visual representation of your project goals. The HTPB design-build approach will ensure we completely understand your needs and wants in order to provide you with the best possible results.

Our process will be customized to conveniently meet your specific project goals. However, for standard project, you can expect:

Upfront project planning

First we listen, then we build.  At the start of each home design we collect all the information we need to make sure your needs will be met and we design a space you will love.

This way we can best understand how your project will progress while saving time and money.  It all starts with a Project Discovery Call where we will learn more about what you want to accomplish.  Then, we will get together for a face-to-face consultation.

Together, at your first meeting, we will consider:

  • The Scope. We will review the scope and provide information on the potential project.
  • Conventional or Green Remodeling. We can provide a number of different solutions for your project. Green building options are also available to improve your home’s efficiency while reducing its environmental footprint.
  • Budget & Payment Options. We will discuss an estimated budget for you to consider how much you can realistically invest. Then, we will assess your funding needs to determine if alternative payment options are required.
  • HTPB’s Questionnaire. The Home Design and Remodel Form will be completed.  This will provide you with the opportunity to clearly define your wants, needs, and goals.

***Note:  You do not need permits on all projects.  However when required, as-built sketches with existing dimensions will be created.  If necessary, you may also have to check with the local building officials concerning code and zoning issues.

Conceptual project design

At the second meeting your designer will discuss design options with you.  This will enable us to prepare and present an initial home design which will be developed based on your target-investment budget.  Yes, your budgetary constraints will drive the design to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

These drawings may include:

  • Floor plans
  • Exterior elevation views
  • Interior plan views
  • Color, 3D doll-house views and more.

At this point, revision requests may be processed.  After which, your design can be finalized.

As long as you do not need permits, this will complete the project design phase and we can move into construction.

Design Build Services

Now, we will provide you with:

Additional budget considerations, assistance with selecting finish materials that will meet your investment goals, and a fixed-price proposal to move the design-build process into construction.

A permit-ready plan set

A permit-ready plan set is a complete set of construction drawings that is ready to be submitted to your local building department.  If your project requires permits, additional architectural services will be required.  This is due to the fact that you will need supplemental documentation in order to submit your project to the city.  The process continues...

Following the approval of your conceptual drawings, your initial plans will be converted into actual construction drawings, your permit-ready plan set.

The next step is for us to obtain your final approval on the drawings.  Therefore, your first-draft construction drawings will be reviewed.

This will enable us to make sure you are completely satisfied with the overall design.

If needed, you may now request any final revisions or minor changes to the plans.


Home Design Services

Once approved, your plan set will be finalized and our engineering partners will conduct a thorough structural review.  These finished drawings will now be ready for submission and permitting services by HTPB.

A project approach you can appreciate

Expect a positive experience with HTPc Builders’ time-tested approach to home design and construction.   If need be, we can also provide you with an all-inclusive design-build service package which offers a “from-concept-to-construction” concept.  This is our one-stop-shop approach that we know you'll love.

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