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Tips for Your Home Gym

Tips for Your Home Gym

If you enjoy working out and are thinking about new rooms for your house, then a home gym can hold a ton of appeal. It’s a room that will get a lot of use (and can save you on gym fees!). It’s also a way to personalize your workout to be just what you need. Your workout space will also be private and comfortable. But planning your own home gym takes effort and careful consideration as to how the room will be used.

A few key elements to consider when designing a home gym are durable flooring, mirror usage, wall color, and equipment choices. Here are some home gym tips to consider.

Durable Flooring

The way a gym is utilized involves a lot of active movement and impact on the flooring. Consider flooring carefully. You’ll want a durable floor type made for impact and steady use. You’ll want to plan for a flooring that isn’t slick and has traction. Rubber mats can be a great addition to lessen impact for certain activities and provide traction. If picking and choosing is still a struggle, HTP Builders has interior design services available to help out wherever possible.


One thing that professional gyms consider, that home gyms sometimes forget to their detriment, is mirrors. Having mirrors in a home gym isn’t about vanity, it’s about being able to see what you’re doing. When practicing the form of an exercise, it is very important to be able to see yourself. So plan around full-length mirrors throughout (even covering a wall or two) your home gym. Depending on your budget, you may opt for typical full-length mirrors rather than the full floor-to-ceiling mirror—this can be cheaper but with the same benefits.

Wall Color Tips

Choosing a wall color for a gym is a lot like choosing a color for any other room. You’ll want to consider the size of the room and not choose a color that will make it feel lifeless or dreary. But it can also help to consider room usage when picking a color—what colors make you feel revitalized and energized? Those are going to be better choices.

Equipment – Multipurpose and Multiple

It wouldn’t be a home gym without equipment! Consider getting a variety of equipment to cover a range of uses. While a treadmill or other cardio machine is great, if you go with all cardio then your gym won’t be as useful. If you can’t afford or fit a large number of machines, then look for options that have multiple uses.

Variety is key—think outside the box. Provide yourself with a weight bench and a set of weights, or a machine that works on resistance training. You can also try having your gym hook up to different consoles that have exercise programs. Even hooking up a tv to show workout/yoga videos and buying a few mats for the floor can go a long way.

If this sounds expensive, try shopping on Craigslist or other used outlets for discount equipment. You don’t need to bankrupt yourself to have the perfect setup!

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Are you looking to add a home gym? HTPB is equipped and experienced with guiding homeowners through home additions like home gyms. Check out our home addition services. We’d be happy to help you create your perfect home gym.

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