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Home Improvement Projects To Tackle In 2018

Can you believe another year has came to an end? Then again, we feel that way at the end of every year. Time keeps flying by and it seems like that old adage, “I’ll get new kitchen cabinets in 2016,” turned into “2017 is the year I’ll finally get new cabinets.” Well, 2018 is here and you still have your old cabinets. So this year, let’s make a commitment to home improvement.

The home builders at High Tech Pacific Builders are here to offer some home improvement project ideas to get your year off on the right foot.

Major Kitchen Remodel

A Bellevue kitchen remodel is one of the best things you can do for your home. The kitchen and the living room might be tied for how much time is spent there, but the kitchen benefits much more from a makeover. Replace worn out cabinets or paint sturdy wooden cabinets that are in good shape for a fresh look. Ditch the laminate countertops for something long-lasting like granite or quartz. Add hardwood, synthetic hardwood, or tile to the floors to ensure that your floors are durable and designed to last. If your kitchen is feeling a little dark, take out a non-supporting wall to open it up to the living room, or add a pair of French doors for more natural light. With a major kitchen remodel, you can expect to get back about 85% of the money you spent to remodel, which is on the higher end of home improvement return values.

If you can’t swing for a total kitchen rehaul, start with smaller projects like replacing appliances, adding a clean backsplash, or painting cabinets.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping And Exterior

Curb appeal not only increases the value of your home drastically, but it also makes it a nice place to drive up to at the end of a long day. Look into options like sod to replace patchy grass, update or replace vinyl siding, re-paint the trim and exterior, and plant a few trees. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, and replace a broken or dented garage door.

Consider adding a nice deck in the backyard – or repairing a shoddy one. Experts agree that adding a deck can have a return on investment close to 90% and decks only cost about $2,000-5,000 depending on the size.

Big Or Small Bathroom Remodel

Even changing one thing in the bathroom can help increase the value of the home and give you an updated, modern look. You can replace an old vanity and countertop, regrout the tile, reseal the tub, or add new flooring. A total Bellevue bathroom remodel will cost more, but you can expect a hardy return on investment later.

Get Organized

If having a more organized house has been your New Year’s Resolution for the past few years, you’re not alone. If you have trouble keeping the house organized after trying and trying, it might be the house and not you. Consider adding permanent storage solutions in your closet, den, living room, and garage. Even building a small linen closet can add a lot of storage space.

Go Green

Green remodeling is an excellent way to not only increase the value of your home, but lower the cost to run it. We won’t beat around the bush. This is an investment, but it is an investment that has proven time and time again to pay for itself in time. Going green can include everything from energy and water efficient technologies that lower utility costs to new, high-tech insulation to using sustainable green materials to build with. HTP Builders specializes in advising about and building green remodeling projects, so be sure to tell your Bellevue home improvement contractor if you want to go green.

Choose HTP Builders As Your Bellevue Home Improvement Contractors

As the region’s trusted home improvement contractors, Bellevue residents can rest easy knowing their projects are in good hands with HTP Builders. Contact us today for a consultation or estimate on your Bellevue home improvement project.

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