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Home Improvements in Seattle That Add Value

Home improvements in Seattle are tricky. You don’t want to spend to much, but you won’t be happy cutting costs just to spend less. This delicate balance is walked by all home owners from time to time. Recently the site Remodeling came out with their own cost vs. value assessment for 2015. In it, they have detailed thirty-six common home improvements. Below are some of the top home improvements from the Seattle area.

Exterior home improvements in Seattle to add value

The outside of our homes is the first thing a person will see. Our guests, our family and neighbors get a sense of who we are simply by looking at the outside. It’s no surprise that the top value-adds are exterior home improvements.

Exterior door (steel)

By removing your existing door and replacing it with a new 20-gauge steel unit, you can add 124% of the cost of your home improvement back into your home. In terms of cost, this upgrade isn’t necessarily expensive, but the added value more than makes up from it. Finish off your new door with a new brass or antique-brass lockset for a great finish you’ll love.

Garage Door Replacement

Whether you choose the cheaper or more expensive option, a new garage door always seems to add value to your home. 110% to 121% of the cost will go straight back to your home’s value. The difference between the more expensive door and the lesser is usually a bit of insulation and maybe windows. So, it’s one of the few home improvements in Seattle that makes living here easier. A garage that is warm enough to work and light enough to see is worth its weight in gold.

Stone Veneer Accent

A 300-square-foot continuous band of stone veneer will not only make your home look lovely, but it also adds value back. The cost of this home improvement is surprisingly affordable here in Seattle. This exterior home improvement adds back just more than it costs, typically.

Interior home improvements in Seattle

Unfortunately for the inside of your home, things are not always as profitable. However, you can still make a number of renovations. They may not add actual value, but if your goal is to sell your home, they will definitely add appeal. Things like kitchen and basement remodels may only recoup upwards of 80% of their cost, but they are certainly worth the time not spent looking for a buyer to purchase your home without them.

If you are looking to sell, and a cost vs. value assessment is chief on your list, remember that this isn’t the time for a major overhaul. Keeping the scale of your project down and finding the right general contractor will help to keep the costs down and protect your selling price.

Be sure to check out the full list of home improvements in Seattle that add, protect and lose value here.

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