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A refreshingly thorough contractor

We are sure you have heard the horror stories.  If not done right, home improvement projects can easily head off in the wrong direction.  Good intentions can slip away and the situation can go from bad to worse overnight.  How can this be avoided?

Get a contractor with WRITTEN SYSTEMS who will not "wing it."

The process behind our you-first approach addresses all the major issues and common frustrations that cause homeowners undue, project-related stress.  During your in-home consultation, you will learn just how we approach our projects to alleviate the risk of running into these types of problems.

The unfortunate facts

The statistics do not lie and the numbers are less than favorable when you take a look at the facts.

  • There are about 450–550 contractors who simultaneously operate within each city in King County alone (these are only those registered with the state – there is many more who work unlicensed).
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms 76% of these firms close soon after start-up.
  • Of those that remain, a recent survey discovered that 30% were no longer in business after 5 years.
  • Reports indicate that this failure is due to poor business and project management skills, and a lack of general building competency.

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Due to this revolving door of “contractors” the area is inundated the home renovations firms using outdated methods and ineffective management strategies.  Not to mention the comparatively inferior workmanship.  All this at the expense of the homeowner.

When you look at the facts, you'll see why it is so common for home renovations to go bad.  Remodeling firms have one of the highest business-failure rates in the US as only 33% of contractors accurately estimate projects.  Meaning, if you aren’t ripped off and left hanging, you have a 67% chance of getting a low-ball quote and bombarded with hidden fees.   This is why, statistics say you have a 71% chance of getting your project completed over budget.

Home Renovations Statistics

So, what can you do to skip the contractor horror story when updating your home?  Choose a company with written policies and procedures.  A firm led by a craftsman who is formally trained in project management and industry best practices.  In King County, that contractor-of-choice is High Tech Pacific Builders.

The common home renovations experience VS the High Tech Advantage

You will, of course, have apprehensions about hiring a home renovations specialist.  We understand how you feel and know improvements are becoming harder to start these days because finding the right contractor can be extremely difficult.  Hence, the saying, ''anyone with a hammer and pickup truck is a contractor.''

Among the thousands of them in King County, there are few reputable, honest, and reliable firms which can provide you with a:

  1. Strong level of real-world experience, and
  2. Systematic, detailed project approach.

The two components are necessary for a headache-free project.

HTP Builders is a King County SCS Certified, family-owned company—a firm backed by three generations of experience—a remodeling expert you can trust.  With a client-oriented focus, our team members maintain strong ethics that will carry over onto your project.  Additionally, each team member participates in continuous training to promote industry best practices.  This means you can get a beautiful home improvement from an honest, reputable contractor.  More importantly, this is how you can develop a trusted, lifelong relationship with your contractor.  That's why they say, "once you find a “good one” hold onto them."

A step in the right direction

After years of home improvement experience the HTP Builders team has developed a unique process that works.  This smarter, you-first approach virtually eliminates the unnecessary and frustrating problems that are too common in the industry.

Beautiful design and construction is just one of the many benefits

What our clients have told us

Over the years our clients have told us what they truly appreciated when working with us:

  • They liked our systematic approach from start to finish.
  • Continuous project communication meetings.
  • They loved our computer-based project management and Online Client Portal.
  • We provided a written schedule before construction and we let them know what was to be done each day.
  • Before and after install, quality checklist inspections for each phase of work.
  • They had continuous project supervision with one point of contact for production who was onsite daily and anytime other craftsmen were present.
  • Respect for their home and the fact that we minimize the amount of dust created in the home.
  • The work space was kept as clean and organized as possible – clean up on a daily basis.
  • A ''plastic-wall'' barrier separated the work space from the rest of the home.
  • Our quotation was all-inclusive with no surprises at the end of the project.
  • The HTPB ''No-Worries Warranty''

Licenses, certifications, and associations

How can we help?

The fact is there are a lot of folks in the King County area who call themselves contractors.  Yes, there are some excellent companies to choose from, but we are outnumbered by the many fly by night operators.

Home renovations and repair projects are not just financial commitments.  They can be a large, temporary disruption of your lifestyle.  Since this is the case, most people feel some anxiety while they are looking for and working with a home renovations contractor.  Therefore, you need to do your homework to hire right.

At HTP Builders, we appreciate this opportunity to earn your business. Furthermore, we realize what it takes to get your business, give you the results you demand, and what needs to be done to eliminate many of the common headaches and frustrations people have when trying to improve their home.

More importantly, our approach has evolved.  We can proudly say we offer home improvement with less hassle.  Our unique, you-first approach that just makes sense.

"We have hired High Tech Pacific Builders for several jobs now and have had wonderful experiences each time.  They have done woodwork, pressure washing and custom window screens for all of our windows that our pets would not destroy (which required research and ordering special materials).   We will continue to hire them in the future for odd jobs as they arise."


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