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Homeowner’s Guide to Selecting a Contractor

Trying to find the right contractor?

The Homeowner’s Guide will help you see why all contractors are NOT created equal.  It provides all the important facts you need to know before moving forward with any home improvement or remodeling project.  With so many so-called ”contractors” out there, you have no choice but to do your homework and this guidebook is step #1.

Upfront research is the key to success.  It is how homeowners avoid being part of another contractor horror story.  Personally, we can relate because we have been on the other side of those nightmares after being hired to clean up the mess.  That is why this Ebook, the Homeowner’s Guide, is being provided at no cost to you.  This invaluable resource will help keep you from overspending, wasting time, and becoming frustrated with your project experience.

When preparing to make improvements on your home, remember this crucial detail:  Once a contract is signed you are basically married to your contractor until the project is complete. 

This means careful consideration is a must.  You have to think through budgetary constraints in addition to all your other project goals and targets.  This includes those typically unconsidered, but most important factors which will influence your overall experience and personal well-being.

The 6 biggest problems you’ll have with most remodeling companies

Selecting a contractor can be daunting task.  However, it cannot be taken lightly as home improvement projects can easily take a turn for the worst.  Common issues that occur:

  1. Poor workmanship and incorrect installations (code and quality issues)
  2. Extreme project schedule and budget overruns
  3. Client’s home turned into a construction disaster zone (unclean, unsafe, debris and dust everywhere)
  4. Homeowners pay another contractor to do rework
  5. Contractors become unresponsive and avoid communicating or completing jobs
  6. Homeowner’s left feeling uncomfortable in their own home

Over the years we have seen just how stressed homeowners can become due to a bad contractor choice.  It is actually our experience with helping client’s pick up the pieces on projects that when wrong that led us to distribute this guidebook.

No one should be allowed to hire a contractor until they read this Ebook

Buyers Guide HeaderTo help those in our community select the right contractor for their upcoming project, we are giving this e-booklet away at no charge!.

The Buyer’s Guide: A Reliable Approach to Selecting a Contractor details:

  • Where homeowners typically go wrong when choosing a contractor
  • Why you can’t really compare estimates
  • Why free estimates aren’t really free
  • The high risk of failure in construction (and what happens to clients when a business fails)
  • How to interview a contractor – For another free, but invaluable resource, ask about our Interview Checklist
  • Why contractors can have vastly different prices for what appears to be the same project

This booklet is very well-written and creatively designed.  The last two pages are for note-taking and include a contractor comparison chart.

You will love it and we know it can:

  1. Provide you with an understanding of what sets companies apart from each other, and
  2. Assist you in finding your contractor of choice.

Guide to selecting a contractor

The writer of the Homeowner’s Guide, Anthony Slabaugh said it best, ”we hope it will help raise the bar on what homeowners should expect out of a contractor” and we hope you find it to be a valuable tool in your search for the right home improvement company.

Download it now and enjoy!


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