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Luxury Ideas for Finished Basements

Finished Basement

Finished basements are a coveted home improvement project.  Transforming a basically ”industrial” basement into a beautiful living space will be a major bonus for your home.  One that will create charm and panache.

Trending ideas for finished basements include game rooms and home theaters, but there are other options.  Have you ever dreamed of having a bar in your own home?

Any one, or any combination of these ideas can be incorporated into finished basements in our area as the King County homes were built with very sizable basements.  So, you have a plethora of options in creating a perfect basement living space.

Ideas for finished basement

Options for Finished Basements

Sports bars

No one needs a bar at home, but that doesn’t mean we don’t WANT one. There is something inherently luxurious about the idea of a fully stocked bar where you can offer to make drinks for guests. Entertaining will make your home the talked-about place to be… Any drink at all!

Furnishing Ideas: When furnishing a basement bar, consider what type of look you are going for. A series of wooden wine racks can look rustic, while old-fashioned bar stools are ”in”. Another option is to build in a wall rack for your bottles to hang on full display.

Basement kitchen

A secondary kitchen can add a lot of comfort to a basement. It allows for the space to be usable without those frequent trips up and down the stairs.  This can double as a bar, but down the road it can prove to be an conditional source of income if you decide to create an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) – hello retirement.

Furnishing Ideas:  Buying a secondary set of kitchen equipment makes a basement kitchen fully usable. Consider what elements you have incorporated. If you only have a microwave and a sink you don’t need to plan for pots and pans.  However, even in the smallest of kitchenettes cabinet space is still essential.  The right cabinets will go a long way in making your basement kitchen functional.

Living space

Building in a second apartment, mother-in-law apartment, or guest bedroom can add a lot to your home. In addition to being a space your family can use, it adds special charm for visitors or any long-term guests you might have and allows you to accommodate them without inconveniencing your family.  Adding to the bedroom count will also increase your resale value.  So, finished basements with this feature make a lot of sense.

Furnishing Ideas:  When designing a secondary living space consider both your daily use of the space.  You can also plan ahead and think about what your future occupants or guests may want in it. A futon couch may be a great idea if you have less space, but if you have more space going for a separate bed and some comfy chairs can give the space a homey feel.

Your new finished basement

Game room

A basement game room can go hand in hand with adding in a bar.  It can also be done independently. The great thing about creating a game room, is that it doesn’t require a lot of specific design elements of fixtures built in. As long as the room has the hookups for any gaming systems you plan to add in.

Furnishing Ideas:  Here are some great features to add to finished basements that have been transformed into a game room:

  • Big comfy couches or game chairs
  • A large flat-screen TV or projector
  • Billiard or ping pong tables
  • Bean bags chairs (yes, they are now trendy again)
  • Old-school pin-ball machines and classic arcade games will also add some flare.

For many homeowners, tackling an undertaking like this may be a stretch as this project type can be more than a DIY project.  So, if you aren’t sure where to start or would just like a little professional guidance from remodeling experts who specialize in finished basements, feel free to reach out to HTP Builders for the help you need.  HTPB would be delighted to be part of making your project all it can be.

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Ken Reusser

Ken Reusser

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