Interior Design Services

There is no better place to spend your time than the comfort of your own home.

So, why not make your house a comfortable sanctuary, best suited to fit your lifestyle, personality, and taste?

When it comes to design-build, the importance of interior design cannot be overemphasized. For homeowners looking to upgrade or increase the usability, comfort, functionality, and overall value of their home, professional interior design is key. That's where we come in, specializing in design-build contracting.

Kitchen, bath, and home remodeling.  Design and Architectural Services.

Transforming your home to match your style and personality

Get unrivaled interior design. Assistance from conception to completion with HTP Builders, a top-rated design and home improvement firm. Get a tailor service package that specifically meets your specifications. Our design-build process will ensure your service package will be customized, perfectly suited to match your personality, style, and overall design needs.

With our customized approach, you are sure to get design services that will truly fit your project. This will be paired with designs created to your personal taste and lifestyle, so you can expect a beautiful, functional design and a positive experience.

HTP Builders meets and exceeds client expectations in their areas of expertise.

We provide comprehensive interior design and full-on permit-ready home design packages for:

  1. Home additions and whole house remodels
  2. Kitchen makeovers
  3. Bathroom renovations
  4. Basement finishing
  5. Attic remodeling, and more.
Interior Design Floor Plan Layout
Interior Design Consultation

Interior design services that work

Our design project always include in-home, client meetings with HTPB's interior designer and other team members.  This will allow our team to visit, review, and assess the project site to provide consultative interior design advice that works.  Since we customize our design packages, we offer a number of add-on services may make sense for you.

Your interior design services may include:

  • Provide design and material selection consultation services as needed.
  • Presentation of material samples, design boards, and color selections.
  • Recommendations for lighting and plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, furniture, provided upon request.
  • Accompany client through showrooms for material selection when requested.
  • Create three-dimensional renderings (3D modeling) for the proposed work.

Visualizing your dream space

Two things are needed to make sure your project is a success.

First, you need to gather your thoughts and begin your project with the end in mind with proper planning.

Secondly, you need to know exactly what you are going to have built. You need to know what it will look like before any construction contracts are signed and demo begins.

Therefore, your design package will include color, 3D renderings when you hire HTP Builders.  See your ideas come to life with our visualize representation of your dream.  This is how you can make sure every aspect of your space is coming out just right.

HTP Builders' 3D-modeling experts use the best software available.  As a result, you will get renderings that are accurate.

Interior Design 3D Rendering

You can get accurate, beautiful representations of how your vision will turn out long before anything is built.

HTPB selections sheets will enable you to specify the materials you love. Getting this task out of the way early on in the process is ideal.  You will actually get the opportunity to be able to review your specific material choices in your 3D doll-house view.

This means you will never be disappointed in how the overall look of your project will turn out.

Designing and building your next project

It can be hard to find a design-build contractor. Especially if you want to include amazing interior designs, but we are here to help. Meticulous planning and project management, stunning design, modern technology form the foundation of our interior design services.  HTPB can provide you with professional designs, projects that are craftsmen-built, positive experiences, and high-quality project results.

However, we understand that one-sized doesn't fit all.  Some projects only required basic design, while other need a permit-ready plan set. Therefore, we will always adjust our offerings to fit your needs. More importantly, we will never pressure you to build your project with us.  With HTPB, you will get two separate proposals during your design, so you will never be locked in.  This means you can hire us to design your project only, even if you want to build with another contractor.  We offer completely customized design packages, only recommending the services that actually make sense for you and your specific project.

From creative conception to completion, we offer a complete range of services to get your upcoming project started off right. High-quality design and construction packages that will add comfort, beauty, and value to your home.   If you’re planning an interior design face lift, you can count on our fully licensed, insured, and bonded team.

Project design and development

Your project needs to being with proper planning and pre-construction services to ensure success. The design and development phase is the most important phase of any home improvement project. It is the phase in which a project’s features, overall structure, criteria for success, and key deliverables are detailed. This makes it the critical, first step in every project.

All of this upfront legwork is something that you simply can't get with a free estimate.  It’s essentially as this design phase is what will provide you with a road map for the entire project.

HTPB Design-Build

Interior design services have never been faster, easier, and of higher quality. Look no further than High Tech Pacific Builders if you are planning on renovating your home. Whether you are hoping to expand your living space, improve your home’s value, or all of the above, HTPB is equipped with the most comprehensive approach to home design.  A unique approach that can make your dream space a reality. Our meticulous methods are designed to ensure nothing is overlooked in any project. As a result, you will get an attractive, functional, updated space you'll love.

Then, once your design is complete, our top-rated, home improvement specialists can take over.  As one of the best remodeling firms in Western Washington, our team of quality-minded craftsmen have what it takes to get your project done right.  We can repair, refurbish, or renovate your entire home to the precise specifications you want.

No design job is too big or too small. So even if you are hoping to just start off with a superficial, surface upgrade, we can help.

Start your interior design transformation today

Getting a one-of-a-kind interior design makeover can be as simple as picking up your phone. High Tech Pacific Builders has built a solid reputation becoming a premier provider of interior design services. This is due to our expertise in designing projects that meet clients’ budgets and timelines.

Our team has an average of 24-years experience in the design and construction industry.  This experience has helped us to become a top-rated interior design and design-build service provider in the area.