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Brighten Up – Interior Lighting Ideas that Work


Brighten Up – Interior Lighting Ideas that Work

Interior lighting ideas should be considered by every homeowner who is thinking about improvements. Lighting can make or break a room.  A dim room just doesn’t seem as welcoming or as usable as one that is well lit.  However, adding in light can feel overwhelming since not everyone has a designer’s eye. With a few key interior lighting ideas, you will be able to brighten up any room with ease.

Brighten up with these interior lighting ideas

Relighting vs Retrofitting

There are two ways lighting projects can be done, either by retrofitting or by relighting. Retrofitting is working with the currently existing lighting system and simply altering it slightly for a better result. Relighting is when the fixtures are replaced entirely or you make minor tweaks with the design elements of your space to create new lighting options.

Unless you have a reason to go with retrofitting, the best interior lighting ideas stem from relighting. Relighting gives you the option of changing everything you need to in order to gain full function with the flexibility to add in new design elements to effectively light your home.

One of the benefits of relighting is that it does not have to involve electricity or traditional lighting fixtures. Relighting involves making the most of natural light. There are three amazing interior lighting ideas that use relighting to improve your home without ever touching a light bulb.

1. Glass front doors

One great interior lighting idea is to install a glass front door. This opens up a new way for light to enter your home in an area that is oftentimes dimly lit. There are multiple varieties of glass front doors to work with.

  • Glass panels on wood doors: This typically looks like a window or windows set in a traditional door. This is an easy interior lighting idea to implement as they are typically a direct-swap installation.
  • French doors: French doors can be made either in all glass or with a wood or metal rim and glass panels. Either way, they look amazing and are a traditional look for a front door.
  • Pivot doors: If you are looking to go away from the norm, a glass pivot door could be the right interior lighting idea for you. These doors pivot on the hinge for a very unique look.

Lighting Project Pros

2. Skylights

Skylights are another great way to relight your home without adding in more light fixtures. Try adding in a skylight to your bathroom to brighten up the room. Two other popular rooms for skylights include kitchens and living area. In reality, anywhere you need additional light can be brightened up if that area of your roof gets plenty of sunlight. This is a nice options as skylights have the added benefit of giving your home a lot of character.

3. Solar tubes

An alternate option to a skylight is a solar tube. This is actually a tube of metal that runs from the roof into a room. The interior of the tube is reflective and mirrored to transfer the light down into your space.  Solar tubes come in a number of different size options, but even if you select a small tube, it will capture and send a lot of natural light into your room. From the interior of your home, solar tubes can even look a lot like a traditional overhead light fixture. So, if you are looking for something unobtrusive this is a great option.

Relighting Your Home

Relighting your home can add the right kind of light, perfectly placed to fit your lifestyle and needs. Implement one or all of these solutions in your home to create a brighter atmosphere. If you don’t feel confident taking on this project yourself, hiring someone can be a simple and easy way to get the lighting solutions you want without the hassle. So, please keep in mind that HTPB happily works on lighting projects and other small home improvement projects.

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