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Tired of Neutral Colors? Give These Interior Paint Colors a Try!

Interior Paint Colors

What look do you want for your home? Are you content with whites, browns, greys, and other subtle shades that dominate most homes? Trends are moving away from that palate of interior paint colors as people tire of the neutral look. That doesn’t mean you need to go crazy with color to make your home design look modern. Often, a little pop of color or a fun deviation in color inside or outside can make your home more exciting and vibrant. Choosing non-neutral interior paint colors isn’t as hard as it may sound.

Interior Paint Colors

A Colorful Change

Besides neutrals, there are several interior paint colors that are currently on-trend. Using these colors will add flair to your home but also give it a modern and appealing look. However, if choosing colors is still off-putting, HTPB can help you find colors to match your style and personality.

Dark Green

This is a wonderful natural color. Even so, because it is a darker hue it works better in well-lit, large rooms. It may not work well in spaces like basements or bathrooms. Paired with natural wood furniture, it can give a rustic, homey feel to a room.


Blue has many hues and shades. However, it is impactful enough that you can choose a paler shade and still get a lot of pop out of it. In addition, it has the advantage of being a very soothing color and can contrast well with existing neutral tones you may have. Blue paint can also be offset well by white décor.


This sunny shade can give a lot of energy to a room. Best yet, there are lots of corresponding colors you can play around with besides coral. Pair it with orange or pink, and add in some soft whites if you don’t want too bold of a look. Coral can be a great interior paint color for bedrooms or bathrooms where it adds in cheer and light.

Citrus Hues

These bold and happy colors are great to liven up a space. Citrus yellows will be a compliment to blue as well and work wonderfully as a pop of color among more neutral décor. Citrus green gives amazing energy when moved into a basic neutral environment.

Jewel Tones

Though darker in shade, jewel-toned interior paint colors can work great either in large open spaces or as accents. There are a number of jewel-toned colors and one may appeal more to you than the other, which allows you to paint on-trend while staying true to your personal style.


The elegance of purple can add a lot of individual charm to your home. Used as a single accent wall or in paler shades on an entire room, purple has a soothing effect. Moreover, this interior paint color works well with white and can really complement metal accents.

Interior Paint Colors

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Applying your new Interior Paint Color

With an idea in mind of the look you’d like for your home, maybe even a particular leaning toward one interior paint color, it’s time to consider choosing and applying that paint! However, you may have questions beyond the shade of paint, or be in need of help getting the paint up in your house. HTPB has a lot of experience working with interior design and would be happy to help you with your home improvement project.

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