Kitchen and Bath Economical Choices

Kitchen and bath economical choices

Kitchen-Bath Remodeling-Keep Costs Down
When it comes to updating your kitchen or bathroom, you need to make it happen.  However, it has to happen without breaking the bank.  It can be hard to get an estimate that won’t come with that sticker shock.  However, it is not impossible.

This is where the kitchen and bath economical choices by HTPB come into play.  We have vast experience working with all different types of price points.  That is why we offer services to help you keep your cost down.  Whatever your budget may be, we can accommodate.

You might not be looking to replace everything in your space and rightfully so.  You can get that updated look while working with what you already have.

HTP Builders offers an array of options to update the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom without demolition and replacement.

  1. Bathtub and tile reglazing
  2. Countertop refinishing
  3. Cabinet refinishing or complete refacing

Provide kitchen and bath economical choices that will deliver updated look and while keeping costs down.

The HTP Builders’ team specializes in these applications and are one of the few local companies that offers these alternatives.  Not to mention, our in-house staff members exclusively specialize in these areas, so we will never subcontract your project out to another firm.  This is how we can help you seriously lower your investment and save you from overspending.

Bathtub and tile reglazing

High Tech Pacific Builders can help you transform your space using the tile and tub you already have. Bathtub and tile reglazing is a convenient way to get a new look in an affordable way.

Tub and Tile Reglazing

The glazing process will make your tub look new again.  Additionally, it can take a drab tile surround or tile floor to a completely different style all together.

Any kitchen tile backsplash or floor will look amazing with the different options we offer.

The wide color selection is guaranteed to achieve the look you’re going for. The products we use are top quality, professional grade that are made to last.

TopKote products by Sumter Coatings provides the very best in refinishing coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Countertop refinishing and glazing

If you have an old laminate, composite, or stone countertop and want a new look HTP Builders is uniquely qualified to help you.

Go with a contractor that will keep your budget in mind and help you make decisions that will be the most affordable options for your project.

By choosing countertop refinishing over a tear-out and replacement project will make sure you don’t have to pay for a number of expensive, added costs.
Countertop Reglazing
Such as:

  • Demo
  • Hauling
  • Dust clean
  • Materials by the slab, or
  • New installation costs

With refinishing, you can get that new look without replacing your countertops.

Save money by paying for a professionally trained refinisher at HTP Builders to coat your existing counter.

It is possible to achieve the new look you want without replacing.
Kitchen and bath economical choices - Glazing and refinishing
Just select from the array of refinishing options we have to offer.

From clear coats and different base coats that cover flaws in your existing countertops to beautiful topcoats for an awesome look. You can even choose from a variety of options that look like natural stone.  Get great style that will provide you with an easy to clean, solid surface.

Cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing

Cabinets are another item that doesn’t need to be replaced in order to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Top of the line, professional coatings are available through HTPB that will breathe new life into any old cabinet or vanity.  Not to mention, our clients particularly like that once they hire us for a complete kitchen refacing, they feel as if they have a brand new kitchen.

Another benefit of partnering with HTPB is that we are one of the few companies in the area who offer refinishing and refacing, so you can get a brand-new kitchen or bathroom vanity without the hassle and cost of ripping everything apart. You have your choice of different finishes in with our top of the line glazes.

We even offer finishes like flat, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss and they are all part of a specialty product line of waterborne refinishing products that have been designed for use in bathrooms and kitchens.  So, you know you’re new cabinets will be finished to last.

Cabinet Refinishing Before - After

Out of all the kitchen and bath economical choices we have to offer, refinishing and cabinet refacing is by far something we can get more excited about.  Although, we are very good at applying coatings, refacing require us to tap into our skills as carpenters and that is where our passion is.  Of course, refinishing involves the application of specialty cabinet paints and potentially staining for a beautiful finished product, cabinet refacing lets us bring our craftsmanship into the forefront.

Updating while saving just makes sense

Don’t try to cut costs by hiring a contractor who might cut corners.  Alternatively, you can go with a firm experienced enough to work within your budget.  When it comes to achieving the kitchen or bathroom you desire, there are a lot of options that do not require starting over from scratch. With the help of specially targeted reglazing and refinishing products from TopKote, HTP Builders is here to help you make your remodeling goals achievable.  If you appreciate the kitchen and bath economical choices that we provide, let’s talk.  All you have to do to get started is fill in our Consultation Request Form and we will walk you through the process.

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