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Ready for Some Kitchen Upgrades?

Time for Kitchen Upgrade

How do you know when it is time for a new kitchen? It is easy to become accustom to the way your home has always been and not really see it as a drab, outdated space that is in need of some major TLC. However, a adding in a few kitchen upgrades can be a change that will renew your love for your home and add value to your home as well.  There are some easy signs to look out for that will tell you your kitchen in need of an updating.

Kitchen Upgrade

Old Hardware

A simple way to find out if some change is necessary is to look at what sort of hardware you have. For instance, exposed hinges on cabinets are outdated and the modern trend is for concealed hinges to be installed. In general the look for hardware now tends to be sleek and subtle.  So, if you find those old, rusty, gold hinges, they are more than likely attached to cabinets that need to be replaced.  Alternatively, cabinet refacing might be an option.  Ask a professional if your current cabinets are a good candidate for a refacing project.

After inspecting your cabinets, you may find they still have some life in them.  If this is the case, replacing the hardware alone is probably the cheapest and easiest enhance your kitchen. Just replacing the hinges and handles can go a long way for anyone looking for easy kitchen upgrades.

Your Appliances

An over-the-stove microwave or a refrigerator that is more than 10 years old will instantly date your kitchen. As will mismatched appliances. Since this idea will please everyone in the home, it is something that should not be overlooked when deciding what kitchen upgrades to incorporate into your upcoming project.  Consider replacing all your appliances at once and looking into new layouts that may be more convenient and modern.

New appliances don’t fit.  When replacing an appliance, if you have trouble getting the new options to fit into the available spaces, this is a telltale sign your kitchen layout is outdated. The size and shape of appliances change over time, so if new appliances won’t work, your cabinet layout or general kitchen layout may need some adjusting.

Dated Trim

Cheap looking plastic trim was an older option for base used with laminate floors.  This style is not particularly pretty nor is it popular in recent years.  It was just one of the most inexpensive options at the time.  When it comes to stained wood, small, short, and narrow trim is completely out-of-date.  For stained wood, be alert to fading and dulling in the color, luster, or sheen and look out for yellowing.

If any of this is what you are looking at in your kitchen, chances are you are in need of a kitchen remodel.

Identify Era

What era does your kitchen give off? Many outdated kitchens seem to be stuck in the 90’s or earlier. A way to check for this is to consider when your last upgrade was. If you have never had kitchen upgrades done, when was the house built?  If the answer to these questions is daunting, your space can be classified as outdated and you should consider the kitchen upgrades that make most sense to you.

By now you might be asking yourself, can I afford to do this and what does a kitchen renovation cost?  This can be answered by downloading our Buyer’s Guide to Kitchen Remodeling.  There you will find a pricing guide that will show you what you can get done at different price points.  You can claim your zero-obligation, free copy by completing the brief form located after this post. 

Time for some kitchen upgrades

Your Kitchen Upgrade

When it comes to your personal kitchen upgrades of choice, there may be hundreds of decisions to make. The project planning checklist found in the free Buyer’s Guide to Kitchen Remodeling can help you with this endeavor.  Whether you plan to hire a contractor or handle the project on your own, the checklist found in that guide will definitely come in handy.

While DIY is effective for some people, many homeowners have no desire to take on a project like this themselves. HTPB are kitchen remodeling experts and would love to hear from you about the kitchen upgrades you plan to take on.

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Ken Reusser

Ken Reusser

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